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... polar girlfriend of 6 months. pardon the pun, but there have been a lot of ups and downs. lately a lot of downs. ... (13 replies)
... We are treated how we allow others to treat us. This is abusive behavior, bi polar or not. It's not acceptable. ... (13 replies)
Bi-polar gf
May 4, 2009
... Let me start at the beginning. I am 25 years old and I met my girlfriend about 2 years ago; we were very much in love. About a year into the relationship we decided to move in together (partially for financial reasons). Around that same time my girlfriend started experiencing a lot of anxiety and getting upset (crying screaming,punching walls, etc). She couldn't keep any... (6 replies)

... This Is kinda long and complicated. My girlfriend had a breakdown while I was picking up our daughter from school and taken by the police to a pyschiatric hospital where she stayed for 5 days. ... (8 replies)
... yeah ok....if you're a psychology major then you know a little about BPD, borderline personality sounds like one or the other, BPD or bi-polar. This doesn't have anything to do with her period. (16 replies)
... I agree with Laylah. Your gf is a hardcore drug using bi-polar car stealer who dates other guys and then texts them behind your back. What exactly do you hope to accomplish with this relationship? Because I can tell you that currently, it's not even worth all of the time you're putting into it, after everything she has done already. Unless you like the hardcore drug... (11 replies)
... ifficult thing I have ever dealt with. Now that the realtionship is over, I can at least give you some advice that may of helped me. First of all, you and your girlfriend need to read the Bipolar Survival Guide What you and your family need to know. I don't remember the author. A Doctor out of Boulder University. ... (8 replies)
... My name is Mark. I am from the US and I am 20 years old. My girlfriend and I have been dating for a year now and let me just say it has been up and down the entire time but not for reasons that you may think. ... (13 replies)
... This is the hard part about getting adivce over the internet. None of us was there, we did not see the interaction and who got snarky first, who used wht tone, etc. But from your initial telling of the story, you asked her to carry the bottle, she had no problem with it until you INSISTED she carry it by hand rather than in a bag. i can only assume your tone even at that point... (67 replies)
... days ago my girlfriend came round to stay the evening but I knew something was wrong. I asked her about this and she started crying. ... (6 replies)
... This is why I got the impression that it is not a ongoing situation for a daily basis....I know women that are just about to start their period that should be locked away during that time...LOL....I know many men and women that if they are hungry it starts to temper w/ their personality....So if it is a ongoing issue and has nothing to do w/ her periods and hormones I would... (16 replies)
... l has her days and her freak outs but I cant be sure about that. I mean, A LOT of girls get really intolerable and moody, especially during their periods, and my girlfriend had just started her period that day and she told me she got really angry for no reason. ... (16 replies)
... dsteen. i can only imagine what you are going through with your girlfriend this is the woman you love and have a kid with so i can understand why you really want to try to make things work and how you will always have that connection cause of your kid you have together.. it is so hard to go through this watching a loved one suffering and you not being able to fix it i know i... (8 replies)
... Mark: You have been together for only a year. If you love her, the best option would be to get her help and support her in a more distant way. Could her family get involved in this process and help out? Because if she truly has a chronic mental disorder, she needs a friend, not a lover. It may be best to back off the romantic relationship while letting her know that she needs... (13 replies)
Girlfriend Bipolar
Mar 21, 2011
... you don't deserve her wrath or to be put down by her. I was married to a bi-polar man for 10 years.......he was unmedicated and in denial. If someone is on medication there is 1/2 a chance......if not, there is no chance (21 replies)
... so you're going to get used to being verbally abused? I'm surprised.....usually women come on the board complaining of this sort of're a man, and you're going to let her treat you like this? look up the symptoms for bi-polar and also borderline personality disorder. There is even a book about borderline personality disorder, titled, "stop walking on... (17 replies)
... she may be bi-polar mood swings are not normal (17 replies)
... As Calmbloke said.....RUN!!!!! Electric blue (13 replies)
... The more I think about it the more I'm thinking it's over between us. There was just something in the sound of her voice when she took away my glasses, she wasn't yelling or ranting. she sounded cold. almost like "see how easy that was?" and yeah, it was easy. didn't take a lot of strain to grab them out of my hand. I don't think i'll be able to trust her again. (13 replies)
... Longtimelurker, I'll keep my advice succinct: RUN!! You're at the end of your rope, don't bother holding onto it. (13 replies)

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