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... Since you are aware of yourself being borderline, does it help you control the borderline behavior? ... (64 replies)
... Both of you are strong, smart women. Do not allow yourselves to be manipulated by theses borderline men. If they were seeking help and were in counseling, if they understood their diagnoses, if they were medicated.... things may be different. but the damage has been done.... ... (64 replies)
... loving ,caring, and interested in knowing more about the emotional health of your loved ones. You are both walking on eggshells. Caught up in this nightmare of borderline personality disorder. ... (64 replies)

... You're right about all the knowledge LOL. I know what to look for now. I know how to recognize borderline behavior, and also narcissistic behavior. My last boyfriend was a narcissist, which I found out after the fact, although I knew something was "missing" with him, I couldn't put my finger on it. ... (64 replies)
... Since you are aware of yourself being borderline, does it help you control the borderline behavior? ... (64 replies)
... of how he will not get help for himself or the two of you unless you see him. I might have replied that with or without you, HE will benefit the most. The help is for HIM, not YOU. That may be pointless to point out though if you know he won't 'hear' that. ... (64 replies)
... maybe I'll grab a copy of it myself. But if you can get the workbook, it will really help you assess your individual situation. It's interesting how you mention your surgery and his lack of supportiveness. ... (64 replies)
... Now that I've learned about borderline personality disorder, it all makes sense. It's like solving a puzzle. Now I know why you act the way you do. ... (64 replies)
... I felt as you did, when we first met and became boyfriend and girlfriend, I was SO happy! I was serious when I wrote in your Christmas card that you gave me a reason to believe in love again. ... (64 replies)
... I'm not sure I can. Hang in there, Rose. I understand your dilemma and will help you as best I can with it. ... (64 replies)
... Maybe I will get it. This is just for a medicaid card, but that will help soooo much. ... (64 replies)
... counselors, psychologists, support groups, books, workbooks, message boards. How can I continue to get help for problems I'm repeatedly being told I don't have? ... (64 replies)
... g my book, working around the yard and went to a sidewalk sale just to browse around and get out with a girlfriend. So I've been trying not to sit idle if I can help it. ... (64 replies)
... ystal clear to me that you are the ROCK in your family. One day those who fail to see it right now will come to realize the sacrifices you have made in order to help them. Just seems like that takes forever sometimes, huh? ... (64 replies)
... Hi Rose, I know where you're coming from about me possibly making the first move one more time. Yet, I keep thinking of all the first moves I've made all this time and how little they seem to have done. For some reason, I just cannot bring myself to make any further moves. He went from being loving & affectionate to icy cold as though someone just flipped a switch. The... (64 replies)
... how much it means. Regardless of what happens to my marriage, I will possess more knowledge than I did in the past. Maybe one day I can volunteer somewhere to help others with BPD, etc. I do try so very hard to learn, learn and learn and, of course, understand. I wish my husband would see me through your eyes. ... (64 replies)
... troubles of her own daughter. Maybe she is just too close to the situation to view it objectively. At least she did one thing right, she recognized you needed help and hooked you up with your Godmother, who sounds like an absolute ANGEL! Theres a good book called Toxic Parents by Susan Forward. ... (64 replies)
... Nakia, Your husband loves you unconditionally! Thats what everyone hopes to find! You're one of the lucky ones! I'm so happy for you, that you can find security and comfort in your relationship. One thing that struck me funny is that you said your parents have never acknowledged your BPD....even in your moms field? Even after knowing you had something wrong and she... (64 replies)
... you can't help but feel sorry for him. At least you aren't getting pulled into any of those draining conversations for the moment. Have you been enjoying the rest? ... (64 replies)
... You're absolutely right about, if his own family won't help him, they know him better than anybody, there must be a reason. ... (64 replies)

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