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... I would just want to have some advice on this thread and to see if any of you out there had experienced the same thing? ... (3 replies)
... It really is down to the tee. I also bought him tons of stuff and paid for food and what not... and you know, when he gets mad about something, he would randomly call ME a "gold digger"! I'm like.... WHAT? ... (48 replies)
... I am borderline myself, and so was my Mom. So I've been on the giving, and receiving ends of the abuse. ... (7 replies)

... I clicked into your thread because you stated your BF is narcissistic. I had a boyfriend who was and I wanted to read what you said. Actually I'd like to suggest that your boyfriend may have BPD, borderline personality disorder. ... (7 replies)
... I think he might have a personality disorder. Do some research and see if any of them might fit him. His quick mood changes, trying to make everything your fault, making you walk on eggshells. ... (9 replies)
... he may have BPD, borderline personality disorder. ... (9 replies)
... I'll try to make this short and as unbiased as possible. I really need some feedback on the following situation. ... (5 replies)
... ove men who are borderline, but they haven't acknowledged it yet. Both of you do about the same things after work. Both of you are intelligent, loving ,caring, and interested in knowing more about the emotional health of your loved ones. You are both walking on eggshells. ... (64 replies)
... With all due respect, no one other than a qualified mental health professional conducting a clinical assessment of simplyD's boyfriend could diagnose him as having BPD. ... (48 replies)
... About 4 years my boyfriends sister moved out of the family home and into her boyfriends apartment. She came back a year later claiming he was abusing her. ... (5 replies)
... I'm not sure where to begin, and would appreciate all your feedback! ... (64 replies)
... as diagnosing him goes, maybe it would be more PC to say 'he exhibits classic BPD behaviour', as opposed to 'he has BPD', but I think we all get the point here, and our advice would probably be the same. ... (48 replies)
... my husband and I have two children, 4 and 7yrs., I have been their sole caregiver for all their lives. Basically, I have screwed up alot in the past year, making stupid mistakes for this guy, my ex. ... (3 replies)
... Well.... I guess I am the only one who actually has BPD. I am also going through a rough time with my boyfriend of almost three years and was thinking that we were really starting to make some progress. Although, now, after reading all of your posts, I see that no one really has any faith in 'us'. ... (48 replies)
... Hey dude i know exactly how you feel its like i have meet some1 in the same exact situation as boyfriend, he gets mad over everything and then the next minute he is the perfect boyfriend... ... (7 replies)
... look up BPD, borderline personality stems from abandonment issues. I discovered an ex had it when i started coming here and researching anger management. ... (15 replies)
... is not your responsibility. You need to tell his family what is going on.... or someone who cares about him. He desperately needs to get some serious counseling, and perhaps be admitted to a hospital on suicide watch if you feel like this could happen again. ... (48 replies)
... Caberg, I've read a number of your posts on the Relationship board and have found them articulate and insightful. I also found that they set a level of respectfulness to which I will aspire as I take issue with several of your statements. ... (48 replies)
... I have no idea why you keep getting phone calls for him. Could it be that he didn't go to work, and they're trying to find him? ... (64 replies)
... iving you very good advice.I'm so sorry you are going through so much pain. I will be glad to join Della in talking with you about it. I was married to a BPDer and lived with her for 15 years so I am able to share my experiences with you. ... (48 replies)

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