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... bad, negative news sells, boring good news such as happy marriages does not. ... (13 replies)
... Absolutely not. I love my husband and I made a commitment to him. ... (10 replies)
... He handles it like a spoilt brat though. It's like, do one little thing and it gets stretched to the worst possible interpretation. Seeing your friends once in a while = "you don't care about me or out daughter". What a child that man is!! And eyesonly, you entertain his behaviour by pandering to his silences (childish in themselves) and asking if he's mad! Don't ask,... (52 replies)

... Somone told my husband and I that if we hold onto being "right", we are wrong. That if we fight to win, we both lose. ... (77 replies)
... The thing that people don't seem to understand is that when they get married, sure things get boring sometimes and they aren't always as new and fresh as they were in the beginning. That's when the part about marrying your best friend comes in. ... (8 replies)
... I hate to be boring, but I agree with all that was said by the others. The fact that he's not really bringing in money, but pressuring you to move is what bothers me. And it obviously really bothers you too--listen to your gut feelings here. I think you know your answer based on all the things you told us. He mayb be a musician, but that is no excuse to be irresponsible. My... (10 replies)
... I've known people who have gotten divorced because their husband was addicted to Everquest and another who had a WoW addiction. ... (11 replies)
... or pregnant. Do you really want a husband who smokes? ... (23 replies)
... my hubby and i have been together almost 8 yrs, 2 of those married. ever since we got married, he acts like we are old fogies. i used to be an energetic person, swimming, hiking, conoeing, you name it. i used to be able to occasionally get him out to do things. however in the last 2 yrs i havent gone to the river, the lake...nothing. im a tomboy also. all my friends were guys,... (2 replies)
... I don't think I am being unreasonable now. But I think if I wanted to go back to my single days where I would have outside activites planned for so much of my non-working hours, that WOULD be unreasonable. (Although there are probably women out there that would be OK with it.) Yes I love her. I love spending time with her. We have a lot of great times together. ... (50 replies)
... Wow. I was almost surprised as I read your final words, Rose. Anyway, Guy, see how many responses you have gotten in a very short period of time! I am afraid you will have to start a new thread, because I am told that every thread can contain but a limited number of posts. (50 replies)
... because you were husband material? ... (50 replies)
... Thank youall for you comments and advice. The things that you guys on this board have said to me are exactly what my best friend has said also. She was very supportivein the beginning,and was my maid of honor, but then admitted later on that she thought hewas a MS pig and that he had commented on her big boobs, but didn't want to hurt me by letting me know that she despises... (52 replies)
... Thank you all for your responses :) I do love him....we have known each other since we were 12, he is my best friend. To leave him would be like a death to me, but I already feel like I am dying. He is a good father a good provider,,,, a good man. Somewhere down the line he has forgotten how to be a good husband. I have changed many things about myself to keep this... (6 replies)
... I know it has shaken you up considerably, that's certainly understandable. I think maybe just give it some time. He might just be the sentimental type that takes a while to get over things. but if you really love him, if he's really the one you've been looking for, and he's good to you, respectful, would be a good husband, provider, father, you're both on the same wavelength,... (51 replies)
Sort of Confused
Feb 18, 2008
... I know she has a bf because alot of ppl have already said she does. I'm going to keep talking to her of course, but I dunno, I wish I had more experience in this area. (15 replies)
Sort of Confused
Feb 18, 2008
... How did you come to that determination? You haven't been so sure of yourself up to this point. One way to be sure is to ask her straight out if she has a BF... but there are other ways. You just need to be hit on the head with something bigger.... like a baseball bat to knock some sense into you. :) Forget trying to be subtle. Be assertive and find out where you stand... (15 replies)
... lly merged friends. I have things I like to do that he doesn't do, and I still do them. It gives us something to talk about, and honestly there is nothing more boring than someone who has no interests of their own or is always available at the drop of a hat. ... (7 replies)
... Thank you Destea, I agree with you on all of the above. The majority of women who are into porn (as Happymom points out) do their own thing and that's that, but I have come across women (no offence Sunny, I know you were only trying to help) who do suggest you should give it a go and that you "may enjoy it" etc etc. I've come across that before, and I find particularly... (104 replies)
... Or have you settled into a boring routine which does no good to either of you? ... (16 replies)

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