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... t him sulk in his drabby world alone and if he has something even remotely interesting to talk about, maybe he will throw the topic my way. I don't much care for boring people, or people that take everything way to seriously. ... (37 replies)
Having an affair
Nov 30, 2007
... ou hold grudges against exes or anyone from long ago, then you are living in the past. im sorry but people who hold grudges over people from long ago must have a boring life. they simply havent moved on. im sure everyone of us on these boards have been heartbroken over a boyfriend, girlfriend or a friend. ... (24 replies)
... NO, he's a real person doing real life BORING stuff! Just like your husband does each day only that man doesn't love you like your husband does! ... (18 replies)

... mantic type. Try not to look back that much. Don't keep regretting the past. Accept it. Live out the present phase of your life. Try to fix it together with your husband before allowing the past to carry you away and set you in the frustrating daydreaming mode. ... (56 replies)
... I have to agree with this. I couldn't imagine having to be in a marriage that was more of a "friendship" than a "love affair". I mean, I know that years into a marriage the passion dies a bit, but to the extent that you are talking about, well, that just sounds unbarable. Two very good points again OP. I don't even know what I could add to those. (17 replies)
... de but as a relatively feminist person in some ways I find the whole act degrading and disappointing. Rather than being angry, I'd be terribly disappointed in my husband if he had an interest in porn, in a way... to me, I'd find it kind of sad and pathetic. ... (104 replies)
... but it helps that my husband lets me know when he feels he's having to compromise or let something go. ... (6 replies)
... es it was alot of fun at the time but now the hangovers are really bad, I dont feel backto normal for about 3 days and throw up alot during that time.I am 24 My husband however doesnt suffer from hangovers and does not understand the hell i go through in mine jst so that he can enjoy getting drunk with me. ... (8 replies)
... is the man you married and that's that. You say you're happier on vacations and nights out but then things return to the way they were. How about providing your husband with suggestions on what he can do to be more romantic? ... (20 replies)
... My husband always excitments me with his Adventurous Streak, their is NEVER a DULL moment in our lives.........I too add my own Fun Fearless Female into our relationship... ... (28 replies)
... if the only entertainment you have with your husband is going grocery shopping together, it's bound to get boring and frustrating! I understand his desire to go out just with his friends from time to time, but he needs to do social things with you too! ... (17 replies)
... That's exactly why I divorced him....He didn't nothing wrong, was a good husband but I changed....he didn't nor should he have since he didn't want to. I think I felt more hurt then he did, because I was divorcing a great friend. ... (31 replies)
... You need a REAL man, who will stand up for you and who will have the courage to be with the woman he loves, even if it's against his mother's wishes. SusieQ's husband was able to do this. And all that talk about preferring to be in a stable yet boring relationship with no love or passion...Phuleeeeze. That's just so lame. ... (34 replies)
... grades or plugged toilets any more than men do, in my opinion. And on top of everything, most women have to work full time too AND take care of all the prosaic, boring things in the household. So, it's just as much the responsibility of the husband to make his wife's life sweeter as it is hers to make his. It goes both ways. ... (89 replies)
... Thank you all for the responses. Your ideas and suggestions are wonderful. My husband and I work from home, and we spend just about every single waking moment together. ... (7 replies)
Don't know why
Jul 22, 2004
... Eightball.....I am like the girlfriend you are talking about....or so my husband says. ... (54 replies)
... Is this the way the two of you started out as well?? You being mean, thinking you were undeserving of him and him being boring, dull, but very nice.? Were there any sparks in the begining.. did you actually fall inlove with him? Lot of questions, but I think they are important if you wanto get some constuctive feedback. And also at 16, isnt it just puppy love anyway.... how... (22 replies)
... type comments, until I want to scream. I feel soooooo sorry for her daughter. Coincidentally, my husband and I have been, and are, in the process of buying our first home, believe it or not. ... (32 replies)
... Well to answer your question I'm 36 and spent almost 16 years with the same husband before conceding defeat. So I think I can qualify for the 'several years' status. ... (36 replies)
... she completely fell in love with him. A few years later, she's even more in love with him seeing what a great husband and father he is. ... (12 replies)

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