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... Sometimes when you are in a situation for so long you don't realize that your marriage is loveless, lacklustre, and boring. Ok, so he met someone else while married. IT HAPPENS................A LOT! ... (58 replies)
... Even if we assume that the answer to your rhetorical question is a "yes," does he not own half of the responsibility of allowing the marriage to become "boring? ... (58 replies)
... My issue is the guy...He has stayed in a loveless marriage and is only leaving it because he met someone else...If he didn't meet this other woman, who lets not going through a divorce.. ... (58 replies)

... OK, the guy is 36...His WIFE "saved" him from Safe Destruction in his younger years...SO, did he stay in a boring marriage out of guilt or the mother figure his wife brought to him? ... (58 replies)
... But isn't his affair a RESULT of the boring marriage not the cause? ... (58 replies)
... What an excellent post!!!! Thank you for sharing your life experiences!!! :bouncing: (36 replies)
... nderful guy, he was always there For ME, I was a spoiled girl by him, I did know wrong by him, but when we married that full of life guy disappeard and became a boring couch patotoe. When I asked him to do things he would snap at me to stop changing him. ... (36 replies)
... I actually wanted that boring routine, or so I thought. I got married when I was 20 years old after receiving my degree in journalism. ... (48 replies)
... Hi MadSkillzGal Hmm, well, that's given me a lot of uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, because some of it resonated within me, I guess. :confused: I normally like to refute or debate these kinds of points, but I can't think of much to refute here. Except this. You say that you rather be witha select few. What happens when that "select few" become "boring" to you. do... (36 replies)
... Imagine how boring the rest of your life would be if you married this woman and all she had going on her life was you. ... (128 replies)
Boring Husband
Oct 22, 2013
... love him, despite everything, because you want this marriage to work, right? ... (5 replies)
... for 3 years. My ex and I actually have a great relationship right now. We respect one another and we're very cordial. Recently, we've spoken about our failed marriage and what happened. Her affair was very out of character for her. She found herself questioning, like yourself, if she made the right choices in life. ... (174 replies)
... me about a select few. Having a variety of friends is not the same as living day in and out with the same man. You know that yourself. If ever I find someone boring or it's not doing it for me anymore, then it's time to say bye bye...I'm not married to 'em! ... (36 replies)
... im for granted or allowed yourself to be too flattered by his attentions, but you are married and commited to your husband and have no intention on breaking your marriage vows and that his flattery turned your head for a while, you could never really take it any farther and you hope he will understand. ... (14 replies)
... If I had to choose either settling down and having boring stability or not settling down and having the company of a few select men who constantly make the effort...I'll take the latter every time. ... (36 replies)
... Wow you guys really believe that whatever the circumstances, marriage really is till death do you part. Don't you realize that the average human changes IMMENSELY from 20 to death? ... (58 replies)
... Try to tell him that sex will get boring anyways, but the relationship and love that you have will fade away if open relationship was to take place. What would he do then? ... (10 replies)
... Hello. My wife and I are very young (20s) and I can't say that my life was thrilling before marriage (2 years ago), but lately I realized that I rarely go out anymore. I rarely do anything with others, actually. I feel there's nothing to do. Going out with my wife gets boring. It's not like dating. Since we know we're together and always available, there's a sort of "eh,... (3 replies)
... o respect that, and he is older and you need to respect that as well. What point will there be in "settling" and "investing" if it's only in an resentment filled marriage because one partner isn't getting the equality they're looking for? ... (48 replies)
... Well, to me it just sounds like she's in a boring marriage, nothing abusive. It's so easy to start thinking about having this wonderful, blissfull... ... (9 replies)

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