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... the same for him. That's simply it. I egg it on because I like to get positive feedback. I don't really want to sleep with him or anything. But I do take my marriage vows seriously and I will try to stop flirting with him. It's inappropriate, and I'm seeing how the feelings are becoming stronger the more I think about it. ... (8 replies)
What to do?
Sep 2, 2004
... off to any woman with a brain. Moonstruckgrl, find a way to afford the apartment you love, since you seem to love it more than your husband, then get out of your marriage and surround yourself with a network of decent people. At least the latter will make it harder for you to fall prey to snakes like the one you just met. ... (74 replies)
... ing me nicely, I will eventually fall in love with him. I have to say I never, ever had even the slightest desire to kiss him or touch him, even though he's not boring and I do like his company. Apparently, they say, love can happen AFTER the marriage. Is that at all plausible? ... (31 replies)

Horrible parents
Mar 26, 2013
... Thank you so much for the response, you are right, I need to concentrate on making my home life happier, and not worry so much about my parents, they have never been supportive and never will be. I will not ask them to visit, and I have been looking for a job. I may have found something, it is looking promising! thanks for your note (8 replies)
Horrible parents
Mar 25, 2013
... Don't get me wrong, but I am more concerned about your being stuck in a boring marriage than about your unsupportive and nagging mother. Why is it boring, if I may ask? ... (8 replies)
Horrible parents
Mar 25, 2013
... my friends, career, and life to get married. I don't want to be like her but I feel that I miss having my freedom now that I have a 2 year old and am stuck in a boring marriage in a boring place. ... (8 replies)
... As far as the "routine" of marriage, well, single life can be boring too. I'm in my 30s, single, never married, and a lot of days I'm also bored out of my mind and feel like I'm suffocating. ... (48 replies)
... You are lucky in the sense that she is communicating her feelings with you. Use them to woo her again. Sometimes marriage can get boring and predictable. That's when you need to get creative. ... (20 replies)
... wing and you will have to deal with their comments. Not that you need to explain your life too them but stand up for what you believe in. If you don't believe in marriage than say it! It is no one elses business what you do with your life unless it directly affects, them, which it doesn't. ... (15 replies)
... Must you leave your marriage to discover what makes you happy, in the second half of your life? ... (46 replies)
... exciting! I don't me it's seems sad to throw away a long marriage just like that. It's quite boring to live by yourself, trust me. ... (46 replies)
... ends are the only times for dates and i'm really going to try to get us in that routine and out of our old one that is sitting on the couch watching boring and passionless.... ... (174 replies)
... OK....can drink now! It just hit noon!! :bouncing: (58 replies)
... OH...I want some lovings elsewhere but.....don't want to leave the nice nest I have "just" incase the lovings "elsewhere" doesn't work out I can go back to my boring life...Then be single and you hurt no one... ... (58 replies)
... a week away from the kids, so I know that will really help. Just sometimes I wish he could make me laugh more or smile more, rather than talk about financial or boring stuff, haha... He's a more structured, discuss what needs to get done, type of person.... ... (8 replies)
Boring Husband
Oct 21, 2013
... Hi, if you are unhappy in the marriage you could consider leaving for awhile, stay with family or friends and let him ponder for awhile how he has taken you for granted. ... (5 replies)
... Dear Pendulum, you are certainly a real SNAG, and this whole statement assumes SO much about the OP's relationship and is unworthy of your sensitivity. This woman has to do all the housework, work full time, and put up with boring non-romantic sex from this husband, and you are telling HER to lift her game???? Redsoxx, take Ann's advice here, it is good. Just don't expect it... (11 replies)
... ll day, mostly it's kid talk, kid topics, being a mom and then probably just telling you ABOUT the kids and things the kids did etc each day. Can you imagine how boring that would get after a while? ... (10 replies)
... ving person. She is a people person by the way you describe her. She lives to host and entertain. When its just the two of you , you said you were very shy, its boring to her. She craves that excitement and and horray enviroment. Lots of people do, I do. She tried to plan something and you said you didnt want to do it. ... (10 replies)
... Here's the catch.. He asked me in person... it wasnt over the phone.. even though there tends to be drunk dialing.. im marking it up as a drunken experiance... but it still hurts to have to hear from his mother that he wanted to take back the whole "proposal" idea... does that tell me that I cant believe anything that he says when he is drinking, let alone sober? Who honestly... (5 replies)

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