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... YES!!! This is so totally me these days. I think for me it's a midlife crisis (I am 41) but I think you can have a mid-life crisis at any age. I am at a place where I find myself questioning my choices and whether there were better choices I could have made both as far as career, spouse, and children (no kids)...I love my husband but there are days when I think that "he... (48 replies)
... Do a year of exploring then give him the home life he wants. I don't know... there must be compromise or one of you will feel like you got the short end of the marriage stick. ... (48 replies)
... out passion...or being bored with life. Means I try lots of things, and got out of one passionless, boring marriage. ... (78 replies)

... Thank you all for the responses. Your ideas and suggestions are wonderful. My husband and I work from home, and we spend just about every single waking moment together. I send him little e-mails, and we have started a date night, what we did was wrote down some date ideas and put them in a jar. We will take turns on drawing from the jar and we must do what is on the... (7 replies)
... Hi MadskillzGal I just had a quick question for you. Eventually most if not all relationships will settle into something less intense and full of "fire" like it was in the beginning. That is if ther is going to be any longevity to the relationship, then this is bound to happen, right? Or have you been in a long term relationship (I mean several years) where that first... (36 replies)
... Your husband sounds kind but he's possibly boring to you. You no longer look forward to the sex part because he's probablymechanical and unimaginative. You want a man who now makes you feel 'alive'. ... (36 replies)
... emotionally driven person who feels things very deeply and needs rush and adrenaline and passion to feel alive. My soul and spirit would die if I were stuck in a marriage like yours. I know many many women make these kinds of situations work, but I never could. ... (17 replies)
... y, many marriages fall short of this ideal. And like you, GE, I would much prefer having a series of romances which brought me joy than spend my life stuck in a marriage in which all the passion and romance had disappeared. ... (69 replies)
... I hear your points, but I reiterate: she is not a great wife - a great mother, granted, but this marriage has not been "boring at the moment"' , but for many, many years. "He is married, but effectively in a loveless and sexless marriage (sleeping in separate beds) that died years ago, with a significant deterioration that began about a year before I came onto the scene". ... (33 replies)
... and besides, old movies, musicals, and shopping are the three most miserable, boring activities I can think of. ... (18 replies)
... bed and is snoring within 5 minutes of the lights being out. I need him to pay alittle attention to me at least sometimes. We have also reached a point in our marriage that I seem to know everything about him and he with me. Another issue that has come up with in the last couple months is our sexual health. ... (9 replies)
... I have to agree with this. I couldn't imagine having to be in a marriage that was more of a "friendship" than a "love affair". I mean, I know that years into a marriage the passion dies a bit, but to the extent that you are talking about, well, that just sounds unbarable. ... (17 replies)
... I son't think that anyone can give the definition of a normal marriage. What makes a marriage normal to one doesn't make it normal to the other. All people are not the same, therfore it is hard to define what is normal for all. ... (6 replies)
... It's good for you to have thought that through and decided you want the marriage to work. Well, sort of anyway. ... (16 replies)
... Heartland, that makes so much sense. However, sometimes it's hard to explain why some people can't commit to one person but will to another, etc. A friend of mine is FAR from being boring; she travelled a lot and loves to try new things, including skydiving (which I would be terrified of), horseback riding, etc., and yet her ex-boyfriend who claimed to be her "soulmate" was... (32 replies)
... My first time posting on these boards. i am 33 years of age. I have been married for 10 years and have 3 children with my wife. Lately i feel very scared that my marriage is falling apart. I am not sure if i am overreacting to the situation. We have always had a good marriage not many issues. ... (12 replies)
... Sex before marriage is a big question especially for woman. I had a jerk who convienced me that it is nothing than treated me like an s.. ... (30 replies)
... just my view on why marriage is better. The person I choose to spend my life with is willing to declare to the world that we are married. An age old symbol of the family unit. ... (17 replies)
... Ours is love come arranged marriage. Neither he wants me to obey his words nor i want...He is not socially awkward as i know him very much..due to some reason from his family my parents were about to cancel the marriage....but he is the one who made it possible for us to get married..(actually he had begged me to marry him..)..he is very good son-in-law..infact more than my... (25 replies)
... either before your marriage or at a few points within your marriage. ... (4 replies)

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