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... This is just one more chapter in 20 years of my friend making choices that take her from a stable (possible boring from her viewpoint) place into the arena of just plain nuts. She once told everyone that she had gotten divorced from her 2nd husband (when I first met her) in order to have a day off of work.... When her husband was killed in a car accident she had to do some... (10 replies)
... Heartland, I agree! I am actually like you in that, if I think something is rare and precious, I can be very flexible and forgiving. I am quite passionate by nature, and that means that sometimes I get mad over things I perceive as not right, but I never hold a grudge for a long time. To me, holding a grudge over some silly argument would be ridiculous. That's why I don't... (32 replies)
... t stable enough to commit. In the case of the plain, boring friend, she found the right mix for her and vice versa. ... (32 replies)

... I know you have thought a tremendous amount about life to form the opinions you have and itís natural to be bothered by otherís misperceptions of you. Stacy, Iím the same way. The last sentence I quoted bothers me because part of it applies to me yet many of the assumptions donít. I know you didnít mean it in a hurtful way so Iíd like to simply provide my side of the... (30 replies)
Jul 14, 2013
... My husband is somewhat supportive of me getting a place in the city, but I am paying for it and trying to make enough money to keep it. He knows I'm miserable and wants a happy marriage. My parents are not interested in me and therefore not interested in my son. They never wanted kids, and my husband's parents are the same way. Basically, I feel I don't have the support to get... (7 replies)
... nybody else... but he says he has all these regrets, like he wishes he had sex with more women before he met me, he was too shy at the time. He says his life is boring and that I don't do anything fun, his example was I won't go clubbing... uh Hello! ... (7 replies)
Bored and lonely
Nov 27, 2012
... here and do freelance gigs on my own, there is no work in my field out here. I have no good friends here plus I can't really tell anyone how miserable i am in my marriage so it's hard getting close to anyone. I read, exercise and play tennis but there is no intellectual stimulation and it is understimulating here. ... (9 replies)
... e can make a mistake and regret it afterward. Everybody makes mistakes. But an a year long affair is no mistake and that is what I want to know. 21 years of a marriage is a lot to give up and we have had a wonderful one until now. So I would forgive for a stupid mistake but not an affair so we will see. ... (37 replies)
... u didn't gain all this weight in a month or two. Know it's going to take time and a true lifestyle change to make it come off. But it really doesn't have to be boring and tasteless. ... (7 replies)
I am in prison
Mar 16, 2009
... your never in this world gonna change him,,but u can change u. what bothered me about my first husband is while he was boring ,he really didn't care about his personal matters and appearances. I started to really not wana even kiss him,I really got embarassed going places with him. ... (26 replies)
... re without having some money and income. But, I really feel that it is now or never. I have to either divorce him or continue to endure this horrible farce of a marriage and stop complaining about it. ... (14 replies)
... We might love our spouses but at times, as they say, the grass looks greener on the other side. I guess it's the humdrum of life or sameness that gets boring and predictable and when something or someone new and exiciting comes into the picture, we can't help but notice. ... (52 replies)
... olutely right not to feel wrong or dysfunctional! I thoroughly sympathise with you having to put up with this awful woman who thinks she should propel you into a marriage that is bound for disaster. ... (96 replies)
... No. But unfortunately, it just might seeing as how you don't have a real marriage partner there on your hands. He might be legally bound to you, but is he being a husband? ... (5 replies)
... Probably your present job is boring and not satisfying you. Couldn't you try to find another one which won't divert you from the task at hand? ... (9 replies)
... g to convince yourself that your wife can't offer you what this new girl does. Like you yourself admitted, you didn't try, or even want, to add the spark to your marriage life! And the truth is, like other post suggested, that excitement will wear off no doubt and your new relationship will once again look all boring and normal. ... (73 replies)
... So what if he won't force himself into anything. That's why you have to do it for him. You say your parents were in an unhappy marriage and you don't want to end up like them. Well, are you happy right now? ... (20 replies)
... c I feel like I'm the only one trying to make the marriage somewhat interesting. I'm not a very big talker by any means, but he probably says less than 100 words when he gets home to when he falls asleep. ... (20 replies)
... is if you don't have either one with you. Yes, I've been there and I left my husband for the OM! I was married for over 20 kids but had a happy but boring life and some problems too...drinking mainly. When you first meet someone new... ... (44 replies)
... le out there trying to make you and GG somehow feel lacking because you aren't in relationships! I really don't understand why so many women are so obsessed with marriage and think it's better somehow to be married than single...they must either be REALLY traditional or extremely insecure and needy. ... (576 replies)

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