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... Hey Sophia-- It's really fun!!! LOL!!! You should try it sometime. He is very different, despite what musicman may think--that they are all the same and can be lumped in to a stereo type of 21 yr olds telling all their friends about the sex. It's true that I am not going on well planned dates to fancy places like dinner and a broadway show--but been there, done that.... (106 replies)
... mean play around, just they shouldn't revolve their life around one person. A person needs to be independent and not cling to anyone too much. The exception is marriage and family, but still the same rules apply to a some extent. ... (28 replies)
... Well, a bit worse than drifting apart actually. Wifey is seeing somebody else (you can take this as a given since I have hard evidence of some of their conversations). It's not all her fault, but I seem unable to get through to her anymore. We started like everyone; with a happy marriage, full of fun, excitement, sex etc. Things started to go a bit wrong after the birth of... (5 replies)

... Now about moving, she has to grow up about that. She can't just wake up one morning and decide life is boring so "hey lets move". What if you give up your job and move, only to get settled in another job, but she decides she is bored in that area too? ... (25 replies)
... I do think there is a way to keep passion alive. There are couples who do it. They still want each other as much as they did in the very beginning. I think the key is to be somewhat unpredictable. In other words, don't always be what your partner expects. Surprise them once in awhile! I'm not saying that you should not be yourself, but you can be yoruself and still... (6 replies)
... nd ended up going back to him for a couple of months after breaking it off for the first time with my ex. We also talked about the consequences of sex outside of marriage and how it was wrong, but we also continued to do it. We did not live together, although I did stay with him quite a bit. Hiya, you didn't do anything wrong. ... (29 replies)
Hey Cancer dad
Sep 4, 2005
... My wife was molested by her father as a kid, I think alot of this comes from that. Our marriage was not so great the last few years, I know that. It was boring and I take alot of the blame for that. I ignored her for years never thinking she would do what she did. ... (23 replies)
... Ladies, most guys feel the same way. Nothing scares us more than the fear of boredom in a relationship… so much so that we often think about risking a life with the wrong woman simply because she lives life with a passion. When I found my wife-to-be, I soon discovered she was adventurous but stable… and I was hooked. It took more time to be sure of each other’s values but... (32 replies)
... My parents had a happy marriage for almost 50 years without fighting. ... (37 replies)
... She might be all that, but might still be terribly boring in bed, or have no sex drive, or horrible spending habits, or dumb as a tree stump, you know what I mean? ... (9 replies)
... Hey sophia, with all the grooming and worrying about looks, and not being so into you and not wanting to get intimate right away- are you sure he isnt gay??? These days you never know, I remember an Oprah show where the wife found her husband was gay after 20 some years of marriage! Okay, now I probably just gave you something else to worry about... the old days seemed so much... (113 replies)
... school stuff. He is way more involved now than before.It has taken the divorce and 2nd marriage to realize all this.I am an idiot. ... (13 replies)
May 25, 2005
... perience of dating. The trick is to enjoy the journey. I know how hard it can be. I'm experiencing the same thing myself. I don't want to go through another bad, boring date. I just want to meet the one I'm supposed to be with and get on with being happy already. If only it worked like that!! But unfortunately it doesn't. ... (11 replies)
... I guess part of me felt I could change him. He is the sweetest man and he has been hurt and I have been hurt and we both needed someone to love and we found each other and we do love each other. I feel he needs to see someone regarding his sex drive. He was asked how many times per month was a good amount to have sex and he said 10 times. He is only 35! I feel like we... (14 replies)
... Oh come on really think that line was "cocky"? To me, it sounded like he was just being funny. And sometimes you'd be surprised how someone you don't like as much on paper turns out interesting and fun on a date. And vice versa. However, if you really disliked his photo, I guess there's no point. But even photos are not always accurate. Some people look a lot... (174 replies)
Feb 19, 2005
... Wow, I'm sorry you're going through this; it doesn't look good :( If he is cheating, don't blame yourself for being boring or anything else-- no one deserves to be betrayed! There is no excuse for cheating--period. Think about what's best for you, instead of getting caught up in what you could've done differently (a waste of energy). Keep posting. (11 replies)
... Thats all and it and boils down to how different we truelly are. Its always going to be a constant battle even if we were happy in a marriage. Where both 2 different species all the way around. Honestly I think things would be boring if we were all the same :rolleyes: As long as I see it women will get things wrong and so won't man....Its a never ending story. (49 replies)
... s been stressed about work and busy with other things. When I'd go over to see him, I'd end up reading or watching tv while he worked on his computers. Which was boring for me. I guess I was really young when we met, and i thoguht my life should revolve around him. ... (5 replies)
... were sometimes alone. He told me that he needed to speak to someone. I told me that he could speak and trust me that no one will know. He started to tell me his marriage was totally ruined and that they really don't get along. Their sex life is more than boring and he just has no feelings for her, other than sympathy. ... (77 replies)
How can you tell?
Sep 29, 2004
... other 'baby' and saying 'i love you'...before the relationship has had a chance to mature and reach a different level. They become engaged because dating seems boring and it almost breathes life back into the relationship....momentarily. And then sets in rot and you know why? ... (10 replies)

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