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... it's not that you have no personality, you just probably clam up and get a little shy..... ... (16 replies)
... You may try to attend toastmasters. They have exercises to talk on different topics for at least few minutes with no preparations. My husband attended it. People came to me to talk when I accompanied him. I could sense that they used me for there exercises and don't mind. ... (16 replies)
... I find it hard to have fun or interesting conversations with people im not failiar with. I dont think i have any personality and people find me boring i think. I would find me boring! How does somebody get a personality? ... (16 replies)

Boring men
Jan 9, 2006
... although, bad guys usually always seem to have personality and charisma. ... (87 replies)
... The thing with me is, I geuinely find other people very interesting. Even strangers that I meet in bars...I get such a kick out of it when drunk people wander up to me and start telling me their life story. When I have conversations with people, they tend to be woefully one-sided. I'll ask a lot of leading questions to keep the other person talking, but rarely will I offer... (16 replies)
... It's shyness, I'm the same way. And lack of confidence. I feel like when I do talk that people find me boring. That's why I hate meeting new people and being asked what I do for fun or what my job is etc, which only further contributes to my agony of having to socialize. Even when I'm listening to a motor mouth, I find myself concentrating on my facial expressions or worrying... (16 replies)
Boring men
Jan 9, 2006
... I think what makes a guy boring is someone who has no mental, emotional and physical energy. ... (87 replies)
May 22, 2011
... but i still feel like there not all that interested in me. I think they find me boring maybe. Had family dinner today and no one asked me how i am , what i been upto etc...but soon as my brother and his girlfriend walks in its all chatty and full of interest. ... (23 replies)
... Trust me, life can be just as boring for us guys as well when we "give in" to our parents and accept a career path we don't want and are not committed to. ... (48 replies)
Endless Hell
Nov 24, 2010
... and when my boyfriend plays his music and dances around i get in to a rage inside but i don't tell him although he does know. I don't know if i have just become boring and a miserable moody person or if its truly because i want to be left alone. ... (8 replies)
Boring men
Jan 10, 2006
... This also describes that boyfriend of mine to a tee! Even if I tried to start an argument, I wouldn't get any reaction out of him. One time he was attacked by a swarm of bees and only uttered a few cuss words at the same volume that he spoke everything else. There was never any spark. When he came over every Saturday, besides wearing the same shirt, he would greet us with... (87 replies)
Boring men
Jan 8, 2006
... I'm no scientist, but I'd have to lean towards no they don't. ... (87 replies)
... no attraction. The other had the looks, but no personality. ... (78 replies)
... ype who watches tv and eats chips all day. Just because a girl is not into dating around doesn't mean that she has to be bad in bed or overall uninteresting and no fun. Just a thought. ... (87 replies)
Boring men
Jan 8, 2006
... I have not exaggerated a single thing. I'm telling it like it is. I had a long thread about him a year ago and explained even more oddities about him. No, I didn't keep a daily chart, nor did I have to. And no, it wasn't part of a work uniform. He didn't wear a uniform to work. You're making excuses for him and you don't even know. He got a shirt (one) for Christmas... (87 replies)
Older Men...
Nov 30, 2003
... Nightowl, i can see your dilema, but unfortunately there is no simple way of finding the right guy. You basically need to hang in there and don't give up. Often it happens when you least expect it. ... (18 replies)
... ebrena, I have a feeling you are right, your sister probably would read the first line of that letter and then immediately tune it all out. You just can't tell these people anything. :( It seems a big part of the disorder is a complete lack of empathy, of being unable to relate to other people, not being able to sympathize with anyone except themselves. For half of... (7 replies)
... I think the best advice was about listening. Become a world-renowned active listener like Carl Rogers. Women will flock around and talk to you, cos most men are CRAP listeners (Don't rush to attack me, folks, I know some are phenomenal,but most are not). Be actively interested in the things they say, ask a leading question or two, maintain a bit of eye contact, reflect their... (16 replies)
... Well get stupid notions like that right out of your head. You're obviously very witty and quick thinking and have a lot to offer to somebody when you both make the effort to get to know eachother. I found this comment hillarious. I know I'd have LMAO if I'd been there. A very effective way of deflating over inflated egos also... (16 replies)
... I would just lough, but I don't believe it is wise to say something negative which hurts persons feelings. I am also very shy person, although I have to change since I have a baby. (16 replies)

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