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... I am very worried for my mom. She has an undiagnosed mental illness. I have been trying to help her for years with this, but she is on a downward spiral. My mom is in denial and does not believe there is anything wrong. As a child I always knew my mom was sad and unhappy. ... (25 replies)
I really am fed up
Nov 12, 2010
... makes me so mad how men don't respect women the bad ones anyway obviously there is kind ones too. ... (6 replies)
I really am fed up
Nov 12, 2010
... and much counseling before you learn how to "love" again. I was damaged sexually in a different way...In my past relationship..of 22 years...i was madly in love with the guy in the begining...he cheated on me many times...and then when he was fooling around with me...I was always ok...until he cheated on me with my sister. ... (6 replies)

... ply couldnt believe how some stories seemed similar to mind.. I recently have gone through a breakup that I believe is largely tied into some anxiety my gf deals with and would love ANY feedback. ... (6 replies)
... As you can see from that thread, I acted pretty ridiculous. As an update, we are doing better. She was very angry at me that I did not trust her and we talked and cleared a lot of things up. ... (6 replies)
... he is the One. We broke up because of distance, fighting and he also wasn't being such a great boyfriend. We decided to remain friends. He tried and tried to get me back...I finally gave in, then he decides that we should see other people, and that he needs to focus on work and saving money. ... (10 replies)
Break up
Aug 30, 2009
... years now, and she broke up with me, and every bit of it is my fault. The reason she broke up with me is that I always left her high and dry, put her on the back burner.. However you want to say it. ... (8 replies)
... LarryLoumom thank you for reply and i really do agree with what you said about my mom. ... (18 replies)
... For the two years I've been with my boyfriend I was totally convinced he lvoed my body. He would always compliment me, etc. ... (15 replies)
... head boyfriend... that i nearly got rid of. I big part of me is SO MISERABLE and FRUSTRATED I can just cry and scream! ... (15 replies)
... Please tell me you are kidding. There is no possible way that you think you are being abusive to him! He is obviously a VERY good manipulator if he has you thinking this. ... (80 replies)
... t than I would ordinarly here goes the problem. I am sorry to make this long but i think some background info. will help you guys decide if I am the one with the problem or what is the deal. ... (12 replies)
... I am new to this board. I am feeling so low at the moment, I came here to ask you for more help with the situation I am in. I feel so helpless. ... (26 replies)
... years and i got pregnant and when i was 6 months along, i found of he had been cheating on me. Of course i broke up with him.. ... (11 replies)
... Heres the thing , iv been going out with my bf for just over a year now he is 23 and i am 16 . I do love him loads and he is the best thing in my life . ... (35 replies)
Am I being silly?
Oct 18, 2005
... This is a tough one...I can see it both ways. Did you have sexual desire for any men before you were with your current BF? ... (4 replies)
... I totally agree with the previous posters. ... (6 replies)
... I agree that the much bigger issue is not so much age differences in dating, but the fact that your boyfriend is getting angry with you over something in your past, and something over which you have no control to change now. That's a pretty gbig red flag that you need to be aware of. ... (36 replies)
... I am going to be moving soon....across many states.....and I will be far away from a friend that I shall call "Nina". Nina has a boyfriend who doesn't live near her...and she doesn't always see him, but when she hangs out with me.. in my car.. ... (3 replies)
... I recently moved out of my apartment that I've shared with my boyfriend for nearly a year now. ... (3 replies)

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