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... Hi so i need advice . First time on here well my boyfriend of almost 2 years cheated on me in a way by messaging my 15 yr old cousin and hes 19 . ... (5 replies)
... why my boyfriend is always angry at me? ... (1 replies)
... Im sorry you are having such a difficult time. I have been in a few disastrous relationships, the worst with my ex husband. He was always angry,slightest thing would set him off. I ended up walking on eggshells, scared to do anything, scared of saying the wrong thing in case he started again. ... (8 replies)

... but he was such a miserable, angry man when he was alive. he died when i was 17. I only cried once and found myself thinking of him very rarely through out my life. ... (8 replies)
... Hi i am 20 years old and I have a problem with my boyfriend always putting himself down. It might sound like a tiny problem, but for him it is huge. ... (2 replies)
... ion is different. i realy want it to work but he wont get help i asked him if something happened when he was a child coz his dad drinks a lot and is also quite a angry person but he just started shouting again saying im driving him mad.i no we can have a realy good relationship but he needs to calm down and wont! ... (8 replies)
... that was nice of lintek to write that long post you're question is why, and the answer is only he really knows, the rest of us have best guess's i see anger in degree's a. we all get angry sometimes, thankfully that is most of us and it is fairly contained b. the decent person who let's there anger fly when they know they can get away with it, this is more of a... (8 replies)
... ive been with my boyfriend just over 2 years but hes so angry he has always been easy to annoy but its getting worse to the point where im scared to speak to him or i dont no wat to say i dont understand why hes like this ive told him he should get help but he wont and he says he dont have a problem he says its all my fault but i havent done anything and its starting to drive... (8 replies)
... ortant , keeping him and potentially ruining your childrens happiness and them growing up and looking back remembering a troubled childhood....or....letting the boyfriend go and becoming friends and civil for the kids sake. ... (14 replies)
... I know it may not seem like much, because after all, heis your boyfriend...but surround yourself with people that support you. I know that always helps me. ... (22 replies)
... First off honey, this just shows how immature he is being. One thing you need to inform him that HE is the one that determines the sex of the baby w/ boy or girl sperm, so it is HIS fault. Tell him to look it up. Besides that, I hope you are overjoyed at having a girl. W/ my daughter we were hoping for a boy, (always wanted boy first, girl second), but when I had a girl, I... (22 replies)
... you can reassure him that this baby girl is going to be a wonderful part of the two of you and you can always try for a little brother later. Best wishes....keep your chin up, everything will work out the way it is supposed to. ... (22 replies)
Angry boyfriend
Oct 2, 2014
... My boyfriend who I've been with for almost 2 years is increasingly getting angry. ... (4 replies)
... I always turn to google in my times of need, and after typing in the title of this thread in the google brought me here. ... (16 replies)
... You need to realize that this has nothing to do with me. You were angry before you met me and you will be angry the rest of your life unless you decide to make a change. ... (64 replies)
Boyfriend In Iraq
May 13, 2007
... I am so lost, I don't know what to even do anymore. My boyfriend has been in Iraq now since July. I met him a week before he left. I know, great timing. ... (22 replies)
... I have been with my boyfriend almost 1 year. Overall, I have noticed he is very selfish. I love him to death, but his priorities always seem like number one. ... (10 replies)
... Controlling behavior is abusive and it always gets WORSE over time. Please see someone for counseling. ... (30 replies)
... being angry at my boyfriend. ... (0 replies)
... I have been with my boyfriend for nearly two years now and things are going great. ... (10 replies)

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