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... Your guy sounds a little immature. Sounds like he has some control issues, anger issues and trust issues. You need to decide, right now, what you'll put up with and what you won't. ... (25 replies)
... I would be standing in front of her after all this time. She invited me to say goodbye, and I went to her place. For two hours we sat there, her pouring all her anger over me and telling me all the reasons she didn't want to be with me and how she had felt better in the weeks she was ignoring me. ... (48 replies)
... About his fear that you don't love him if you suggest an approach to his problem...that's really a matter of putting things. If you tell him that you love him so much you're trying to help him and that his outbursts scare you, though you know he'd never hurt you, because you know how much he loves you, but that you want him to be a happier person and you're in this together.... (10 replies)

... If you already have and he doesn't care or doesn't think its a problem then there's your answer. ... (5 replies)
... My boyfriend an i have been together for a 1 yr and 3 months. our relationship has very rocky times, because he has an anger problem and i think he's just plain immature. i love him, but his constant anger over small crap and he always thinks i'm cheating on him. ... (9 replies)
... I's shocking when you finally experience it face to face. I had a boyfriend who lived with me for 2.5 yrs, who was a narcississst, I discovered that after the fact, and it was amazing reading about it. ... (9 replies)
... That's where you need to start. Your problem is not how to get this man to love you better, because you have no control over that anyway. Your problem is how do you get YOURSELF to love you better. ... (3 replies)
... It sounds sort of ridiculous to me that YOU are in anger management because he accuses you of things you aren't doing, because he refuses to accept that you do love him. That's nuts. ... (2 replies)
... I had more than enough that time. Same problem everyday and he accuses me for initiating it every time. ... (22 replies)
... boyfriend had an anger problem too, and once I started researching it I discovered the anger was not the problem..... ... (20 replies)
... We weren't even doing anything significant, just going against other players for fun. I made a little mistake and my boyfriend exploded at me. I tried reasoning it out, but with his attitude, he wouldn't take it. ... (11 replies)
... T, it's quite possible your boyfriend has a kind of mental illness, but you CANNOT compare it with his having cancer. ... (16 replies)
... SincerelyC I f you feel your boyfriend can be dangerous , really leave him , donít hesitate , and find someone balance after . Donít put yourself into danger , leave , chose a good life . But if you feel itís not that bad , and you feel you can often communicate with him , if he is aware of his behavior ,then read my post The problem i think , is that your friend... (12 replies)
... I've been scanning these boards from time to time and decided to post, after using a search engine and searching on here wasn't really helping me out. My problem is that I've been uncertain of my feelings for my boyfriend as of lately, say, the past month or so. ... (5 replies)
... wow i wish my girlfriend would do that, sheesh, i mean there is a time and a place for friends, but i can see if your friend is dating a jack off like it seems, you know what im saying. because as a friend you feel defensless, but if you interfer just to do it thats a problem, like i said she interfered before the relationship, and even mine thats 2! she is guna keep doing it! (10 replies)
... Ive been dating my boyfriend for about 7 month now . ... (3 replies)
... I would also advise you to leave him, but you say - in his favour - that he says he will stop and he is trying, which means he recognizes the problem... My questions are: what is he actually doing to stop this? Is he in therapy or something? Can you see any improvements? Is he really trying hard to change? Not only for you, but also for himself, for anger attacks, you know,... (5 replies)
... My short answer is leave him. His abuse issue is his own problem. There are some people who tolerate this verbal abuse situation and nothing happens to them physically. However, it is mind control and the value thing. The abusive people are telling you it is OK to talk like that and you accept it... You may feel you are tolerant but somehow subconsciously your mind will be... (5 replies)
... ut the way he expresses these emotions has to change, and it is something that only he can work on, nobody else can help him, and he has to accept that he has an anger management problem before he can seek help for this. Perhaps you could try telling your fiance this. ... (15 replies)
Angry boyfriend :(
May 21, 2011
... No. There is nothing you can do to "deal" with him or to stop him from getting angry in the first place. His anger is his issue. It didn't start with you, it won't stop with you. ... (3 replies)

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