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... Is he open to anger management classes, or at the very least, seeing a therapist. ... (4 replies)
... how to handle a boyfriend with anger problems (4 replies)
Angry boyfriend
May 30, 2010
... I agree, don't move in with him. At the very least, he will continue to be angry all the time and continue to break things. More likely, his anger will escalate, and he will break your things, possibly become abusive, and definitely drain the life out of you. ... (17 replies)

... stantly led her to believe I was not over my ex and all this other crazy BS which wasn't true at all. As the months went on, the fights got worse even though the problems were not there anymore. ... (13 replies)
... You tell him to get out of your life now and don't ever come back. What's with all these girls thinking they can save these pathetic loser guys with anger problems? ... (5 replies)
... hi there my name is barry, and i was one of those abusive boyfriend/husbands. iwould get angry at anything and quickly, and was more unpredictive when i was drinking. i would even attack my bloke mates. to my wife i was more verbally and emotionally sadistic, but yes i must admit to being physically abusive on a couple of occasions. i have spent many a night locked up. ... (4 replies)
... It sounds like your boyfriend is making an honest effort to improve himself by getting counselling for his anger management. However, if his violence continues or gets worse, you may have to leave. Do you work? ... (10 replies)
... Guys with anger problems will only get worse and it will only escalate if they first don't admit they have a very serious problem and second don't get some major help for it. ... (10 replies)
... Here are some HUGS for you. :angel: You have been given some wonderful advice from others here along with some of their own stories. How hard it is to leave this man you love so much, who is the father of your son. Remember this, you have choices, you have a choice to stay and a choice to leave. If your boyfriend does not want to get help for his anger problems or... (29 replies)
... Well we have made progress, a ton, on both of our sides. But i guess its just that we were both so far back that its still a lot of work to go. For me, i fixed my bad lying habits, my bad habit of making plans that i dont follow, me being more honest, and a few other smaller ones. She fixed her anger problems (90% fixed), her jealousy problems (90% fixed), he trust problems... (6 replies)
... arguments, im pretty confident id eventually see us getting engaged for real. But those two things are pretty major. She has huge jealousy problems, she has huge anger problems, which i am by her side working them out with her. ... (6 replies)
... I have been with my boyfriend for about 9 months and we do love eachother. We live 2 and a half hours apart and we do see each other often and talk on the phone daily. ... (5 replies)
... Forget trying to excuse him with "anger problems". He is a bully and abuser pure and simple. He doesn't want a partner, he wants a victim. It is rough about his mother, but you can bet he will always have something to tie you down with. Get family and friends on side, and leave the relationship in the safest way possible. By staying, you are enabling and condoning his... (9 replies)
... Ever since my ex emailled me a month ago regarding sending back a few of my belongings, I realize the anger is still significant. It's like much of the initial anger came back and won't go away again. I just keep thinking I wish I'd never met him. ... (5 replies)
Need help!
Jan 2, 2013
... I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for almost a year now, and it's been pretty good the whole time, besides some problems. ... (1 replies)
... It's the way I am. I used to smash glasses and hurt myself by hitting the wall or the counter etc. I had a lot of problems with anger management, but I've gotten better at it. ... (10 replies)
... I have been dating this guy for about 9 months... he is a great guy but he really has an anger problem. We have broken up several times and he comes crying back and says things will be better and he will get help.. ... (13 replies)
Angry boyfriend :(
May 21, 2011
... I am 23 and have only been seeing my boyfriend of 22 for 3 months. He is an angry man, often having outbursts over the pettiest of things. ... (3 replies)
... It's hard to describe or know where anger comes from. I know because I have it. ... (8 replies)
Angry boyfriend
May 31, 2010
... You said he's having problems at his job. With most people..... ... (17 replies)

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