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... Instead of being angry about the treatment he's given you, you now feel guilty about making him cry!! ... (48 replies)
... No hon, you owe him nothing. You gave him a chance after he cheated, you're being generous with the furniture. If I was you I would pack my stuff while angry and leave. Tell a few people close to you EXACTLY what he has done to you and put it to paper. ... (48 replies)
... Gosh, I find your posts so interesting and educational, thanks! My ex is not BPD (at least, I don't believe he is...he's just a spoiled, selfish, mean person who thinks the world owes him everything he wants and becomes angry when he doesn't get it), but he has some of the behaviors. Funny how you said the 15 year thing...I met him exactly 15 years ago and while we were... (48 replies)

... My "niece" (ex's niece, to whom I'm very close) is going through something not really the same, but a bad situation. Her BF doesn't like her to go anywhere without him. Every time I take her somewhere (I'm pretty much her only friend, all her friends have given up), her BF gives her a hard time. He demands oral sex from her in order for him to give his "permission" for her... (22 replies)
... Ebrena, I was complaining about something about my relationship with a boyfriend. But you married to a man who turned out an awful husband. Please do yourself a favor, decide what is important to you, your "comfort zone" or your life? He can be dangerous in your own home. You do not think he is serious about wishing you die or you do not think your thought won't become... (13 replies)
... He's more than an angry person, he's already abusing you. Forcing you to drive with him until dawn and not letting you get out of the car? ... (12 replies)
... If he yells or gets angry any time you ask for equal treatment, he doesn't respect you. He probably figures he can get you to do whatever he wants. ... (8 replies)
... essage to the man that you have your own needs and that he needs to respect that. Make it clear that you want compromise. And if he doesn't respect that and gets angry at you then I think you have to wonder how much of a long term future this man could give you. Do you want to live on his terms alone for the rest of your life? ... (8 replies)
... Its nice to know that people think it is possible to work through anger issues. They are just so new to me, no one in my family is angry or easily irritated. ... (10 replies)
... I dont know, that seems kind of harsh, he's the sweetest guy ive ever known (excpet when he's angry) and i know he'd never hurt me on purpose. I think if i can understand more about how he's feeling then i will be able to better respond to his outburst and help him see they do no good and help him to curve his "frustration" on other things... (10 replies)
... do you think though that prehaps im over reacting and that its like he says, that people do just get angry and guys tend to hit walls and things? ... (10 replies)
... hi, i was with my ex for 4 years, together since we were 14/15. i broke up with him 5 weeks ago. but i really, really regret it. we met briefly and had a chat, basically he said he was angry at me for doing it (my reasons were to do with depression, not getting better etc). but he said "maybe we'll be together in the future." so i decided to give him space. haven't seen him... (2 replies)
... email per day...... dunno whether i was wrong in asking him dat.... maybe i shud've been patient....but i was angry coz he had time for partying etc but nt for me..... ... (22 replies)
... ault really is open to interpretation and I can see both your sides. IMO, you both made an error in guessing what the other was doing, you both had a right to be angry and you both should have been apologizing to the other. ... (13 replies)
... his anger is his own responsibility. he can't blame anyone else for "making him angry". that's a cop out..... (4 replies)
... somethign ahd to happen to make him angry.. i no how he feels and something is wrog, someone made him mad... soemthing... hes not mad 24/7 becuase he is bipolar, he is mad because soemthing happened adn the bipolar or anger issues magnifies it... or he is just cocky like me (4 replies)
... rieving process when it comes to relationships in this type of situation. Him saying those mean things to you could be just out of guilt. Also, he may still be angry that this happened to his wife. Unfortunately he may be projecting some of his anger out on you. Anger is normal a part of the grieving process. ... (12 replies)
... yet, you are still upset because he dumped you before. That was before and if you still feel angry about it and now think that you have new rules with him because of what he did, then this relationship is bound to fail. ... (14 replies)
... maybe he feels like you're trying to manipulate him by not talking to him (10 replies)
... Becasue I go quiet and dont talk to him, go to bed early - he says he feels like a doormat - even though I dont get angry or anything, he says that he has pushed his feelins to one-side and now its time to rethink about that (10 replies)

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