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... I curious as well...are you assuming,or do you have proof? There is NO way any human could live and take that amount. If so, she needs to be in the Guiness WB records. Id be upset too, I have a son, my only baby who is 12, who I raised on my own until he was 6. He is my life. I would be livid, and upset, but Im curious as well how she could even be alive, much less find... (21 replies)
... May I ask how you know she takes 100 pills a day? My ex-boyfriend took vicodins and when I was dating him, if he took 4 pills a day, it knocked him out, thus I would tend to think 100 pills could kill a person. Also, he paid $5.00 for a bottle of 90 pills (state insurance). How do you know if she is sleeping around? Do you have any proof or are you just assuming... (21 replies)
... all, have lied to me at one point or another. Sometimes people just get nervous when they're put on the spot and a lie slips out. Other people plan them out. My boyfriend has lied to me and it pisses me off too, as it should. It's not cool, but I personally believe that majority of people do it. ... (14 replies)

... Tough love may be the only answer with him. It sounds like you're describing a two-year-old...literally. Perhaps if you stood up to him (by telling him when he's not angry) that the next time acts in that way you are out the door without saying a word to him (and follow through with it) it may be enough for him to realize he's acting like a spoiled brat. (3 replies)
... which was a complete lie! He was already angry and for some reason used me as an outlet to GO OFF! ... (15 replies)
... I just didnt want to sound like I was making excuses for him. I was trying to use logic to handle this. Yes I'm still angry and it is really bothering me. I cant stop thinking about what he said and how thoughtless it was. ... (14 replies)
... Before I could control myself, I'm not an angry person... ... (7 replies)
... out it the story i got just didn't jive so I tried to talk to him about it and he just changes the subject and act like it didn't happen.. if i persue it he gets angry and says why does it matter to me because it doesn't have anything to do with our relationship. ... (5 replies)
... a crossdresser. I tried to be cool about it, because I really don't care what people do, but the truth was that it made me lose all attraction to him, and I was angry that he kept something like this secret for so long. I understand it's not an easy thing to confess...but it still felt like a betrayal. ... (41 replies)
... Hello I was hesitent to post. Tiff told me she posted on a site, Allowed me to read it and now i'm making a quick post. First i appreciate the feedback your giving. It is indeed needed and we could use more. I realize tiff's done some bad stuff, I know it, She knows it, You all know it so that's been established and is done with. Had she cheated in any way this... (6 replies)
... with my friend and left me for her. It hurt alot. But that didn't make me thing all women would do that, or all men would do that. Also, you say he would get angry if you wanted to hang out with freinds and ge somewhat mad and suspicious. ... (4 replies)
... It's not paranoia if someone really is out to get you. Honey, the two of you are supposed to be a team. Now there's this woman he used to put his you-know-what inside of, who may be the mother of his child, and he's working overtime to make sure she never knows about you. Can you say HUGE HONKIN' RED FLAG??? The only question is, how much more of your precious life are you... (54 replies)
... I don't want to secretly meet with her. I very much doubt that she wants to meet me anyway. He's made it clear that if I text message, email her, phone her or naything like that, he'd be mad. If I was to send her a message, say on Facebook, what could I say? Not being angry... or insulting.. or attacking... I know that in my heart I may have to break up with him. He is... (54 replies)
Aug 25, 2007
... When I ended my relationship with my boyfriend I thought I would feel very sad and I was surprised to find out that I still feel relieved! ... (67 replies)
Aug 23, 2007
... Just to clear up any misconceptions or myths people do have about staying in bad relationships, no, absolutely not, nobody LIKES being abused or treated badly. some people feel on some level they do deserve it, or maybe they don't deserve any better, but no one likes it or enjoys it at all. The best analogy I can give you is a slot machine. No one likes to lose, but you... (67 replies)
Aug 23, 2007
... and Apple, you can let this guy destroy you until you have nothing left.. that's what my ex-boyfriend was doing to me, draining me emotionally and I could not take it anymore. But if you enjoy letting yourself get destroyed and losing sense of what you are really all about, that's your choice. Just like women who let themselves get physically abused and just keep going... (67 replies)
Aug 22, 2007
... Hi Apple, I read some of your previous posts and I wonder what you see in this guy? You have said you love him but love isn't supposed to be this hard. Logically you know this guy is bad news but yet you feel the need to keep clinging to him one way or another. I'm not a psychologist or wish to be one, but I remember you saying that you didn't have a good relationship... (67 replies)
Aug 22, 2007
... Truthfully I'd say don't pick up the phone! Let it go, especially now that you view him in the right light, don't let him try to manipulate you back into the situation you've already fallen into a few times before (when we practice, it's not hard to do...!). Ignore him if he does call, delete his messages (if you can) without even listening to him. If he calls, it's likely... (67 replies)
... Um DUH for were a size 18 when he met you so whats his deal. DUMP HIM. I too have a disease, it is hyperthyroidism. Grave's Disease is the form of hyper i have. I have it under control and know my triggers BUT there are off days and well I deal with it nicely. I remember a time when I was a size 5 after I gave birth to my first child at age 21 and I am... (32 replies)
... Hi again. I never said that the siblings disowned her. His brother is really busy working and has 3 kids and his sister doesn't live close though if she made the effort she could see their Mom. As far as him staying with his Mom, I do believe he is because he sends me at least 5 e-mails every day and lets me know all the details what's going on. He has told me... (15 replies)

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