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... For the two years I've been with my boyfriend I was totally convinced he lvoed my body. He would always compliment me, etc. ... (15 replies)
... got engaged, I explained to him that this was inappropriate at this point in our relationship. She need not call him all the time just to talk. She does have a boyfriend that she has been with for several years. Coincidently, 2 weeks after my husband and I were engaged, so was she. ... (13 replies)
Sep 25, 2008
... We tried to do the 'just friends' thing, ended up getting back together, then two weeks later he stopped kissing me, saying he was just 'not in the mood' and got angry with me when I questioned it. One week later he left me again. ... (11 replies)

... I went through hell last year when my boyfriend left me for someone else and it took me until Christmas to start dating again. ... (4 replies)
... i broke up with my boyfriend saturday night because he told me earlier that he refused to stop lying to me. ... (6 replies)
... Just wanted to update yall.. Well last night my boyfriend told me to meet him in town cause he wanted to show me something.. I get there.. waiting on him.. he finially shows. ... (13 replies)
... i know there is no good in having affairs and i wouldn't want to hurt Phil like that. Hmmm i don't know if i should tell him about these feelings he'll be pretty angry that i didn't tell him earlier that i lied to him. ... (10 replies)
... re so much better at taking care of themselves and doing what makes them happy than women are. I don't know why that is, but it seems to be the truth. when my ex boyfriend left me, I was completely destroyed. I stayed in bed and did nothing but cry for months and months. ... (29 replies)
... He is going to keep treating you this way as long as you allow it. What you need to do is put an end to this relationship so he no longer has the power to make you feel this way. He is showing you who he is. You either accept that he will never change and be in this relationship or you move on and find better. There really is nothing else to say. I'm sorry. :( (98 replies)
... urning. i feel like im going to have a panic attack. he blew me off! i have never and i would never do that. im embarrassed really.. i mean who thinks that their boyfriend is going to just blow you off... ... (98 replies)
... nd read all my aol emails and permenately deleted them.. i had major private and personal emails that i had read and clicked keep as new unto my aol account.. My boyfriend helped me reset a new password and i found out all my emails are gone and i checked in my inbox totally everything gone.. ... (6 replies)
... s doing, who he's calling, etc etc all the time. I have become a jealous person during the time I've been dating him, and its an outrageous jealousy ex. getting angry when he wants to hang out with his friends. ... (3 replies)
... and he said "yes!". So, I have a boyfriend again. And this time it is someone who really hopes to make something authentic and meaningful. ... (8 replies)
... my husband (boyfriend at the time..) went through something similar. yeah it was my fault for snooping, but at the same time, i still felt like if i wouldn't have snooped, i wouldn't have found the emails, and he would have done it. i confronted him about it, (confidently) told him we were done. to my surprise, it was the first time i saw him cry in 2 years. to this day, he... (10 replies)
... {removed} I wouldnt be around when he DOES try to contact you, let him stew for a while. He is cruel to put you through this when you are pregnant carrying HIS baby. Selfish, ignorant, do you want this man to be a Father to your beautiful lil girl? I wouldnt depend on him{removed} (21 replies)
... How dare he! Who does he think he is? He is the one that made the baby.....we (woman) only have one it is he who made the sex of the baby they give the X or the Y and that determines the sex of the baby. May the baby be perfect and healthy that is what he should be worried about...jerk. I would send him walking! You are so lucky to be having a... (21 replies)
... HOney, how old is this "mature" person? Sounds so childish... Does he really wants to have kids? Meanwhile you relax and don't call him either; it's very offending to me. You can't drive yourself crazy because of him, you have to think about your baby and her well being. Very best to you... (21 replies)
... I remember how mad my exhusband was that I was having a girl. He bought boys clothes and wanted her to wear them anyways. He was mean and nasty and blamed me even though all I have to contribute is my "X" chromosome. Thinking back, it was one of the many reasons I NEVER should have married that jerk in the first place. He's not talking to you over ridiculous reasons and... (21 replies)
... Wow, your boyfriends sounds like a selfish, self centered jerk and I would seroiusly be re thinking if youw ant to be with someone who acts this way. Disappointed is fine, behaving like a spoiled child and treating you badly is not. My husband ever acted this way, he would be gone... (21 replies)
... Indeed! Tell him to put THAT in his pipe and smoke it! Besides, everyone knows that girls rule and boys are just lame anyway. Kinda like your bf, he is very, very lame for getting mad at you for something that is ultimately his fault, since it was his sperm that caused the X chromosome. Everyone who has a knowledge of basic biology knows that women only carry the X... (21 replies)

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