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... I desperately wanted a daughter until I found out I was having a boy. Then I couldn't care less about having a girl, I was having a wonderful, amazing, beautiful boy! I can't believe he is taking this out on you, but maybe he's staying away because he needs to settle down before he talks to you. He needs to be there for you and maybe after a few days of reflection he will... (21 replies)
... First off honey, this just shows how immature he is being. One thing you need to inform him that HE is the one that determines the sex of the baby w/ boy or girl sperm, so it is HIS fault. Tell him to look it up. Besides that, I hope you are overjoyed at having a girl. W/ my daughter we were hoping for a boy, (always wanted boy first, girl second), but when I had a girl, I... (21 replies)
... I understand how your are feeling.. the only thing different is I wish my Dh wouldn't talk to me. He wanted a boy we have one son already but he wanted another. I wanted a girl but didn't really care one way or the other just as long as it was healthy. The day we found out it was a girl he had the nerve to tell me that maybe we could trade it for a boy (picking or not it hurt)... (21 replies)

... Very childish behavior on his part. Congrats on the baby girl. (21 replies)
... thats really messed up how some people are treating you guys. you would think they would feel bad for treating a little baby that way. a baby cant help if its a boy or a girl. people have some serious issues. i say forget them. theres nothing lower then someone who doesnt treat a baby right. (21 replies)
... You are so lucky to be having a girl! I already have a boy and it is great, but now due w/ my second boy and we were really hoping for a girl this time! I do not want to have any other children now, so two boys it is. It will be good for my first son to have a little brother to play with. My Mother-in-Law really wanted at least one Granddaughter, so she was disappointed w/... (21 replies)
... he should thinks himself lucky he can have children naturally i had to wait 8 years befroe getting pregnant and that was fertility treatment as far as i am concerned and dh as long as its healthy i really dont care wht sex it is tell him to grow up you dont need this. pregnancy can be stressful but also fullfiling and lovely its a great thing for you both to share i wouldnt... (21 replies)
... One other thing I just couldn't resist sharing - girls are the best, lol. I am so looking forward to meeting my DD in a few weeks, and you should look forward to meeting your little girl too. :) (21 replies)
... Try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy with your little girl (congrats by the way...I'm having a girl too). Your bf will come can just be so hard headed and stubborn sometimes, he probably just had his mind made up that it was a boy and now he is having a hard time convincing himself he was wrong and there is nothing he can do to change it! It sounds like you guys... (21 replies)
... The male sperm determines the sex, so he should be mad at himself. He is going to really mad at himself if he continues to act this way. If you have someone else to lean on, you should. He will come back when he is ready, and you need to concentrate on your baby girl. So, relax and think of how wonderful your little girl is going to be. She is the most important person right... (21 replies)
... Oh that is really mean of him! Can you talk to his mum and tell her how bad you are feeling because of him not contacting you? I mean, I know he already has one girl with another woman, but the sperm came from him and that was the deciding factor... Plus your daughter is going to be a granddaughter to his mum, so maybe she can help get some enthusiasm. I am sure he will... (21 replies)
... Get a restraining order, or get him on aggravated stalking, we all want to try to win someone back that we have lost, but there is a fine line. People who want to kill themselves generally do not tell anyone they just do it, he wants to guilt and manipulate you into having some kind of tie , he is hanging on for what ever crumb you will get him. This is not normal behavior... (10 replies)
... I figure the only thing I can do is just ignore him, but I am getting more and more angry although I do not want to feel all of these negative emotions...negative emotions were all I felt when I was with him. Any input? ... (10 replies)
... I know it's hard Jenny and I can surely understand. It takes a while sometimes to find your own way in the world. I kind of felt the same way you do. I was the kid in school everyone made fun of, called names, beat up, etc. And if I live to be 100 years old, I'll never know why, because I was short, because I told a joke someone didn't think was funny, because whatever. People... (54 replies)
... is making her crazy. I only suggest this because thats what it did to me. I was angry and moody the whole year and a half I was on it. My boyfriend broke up with me and once I got off the birth control I returned to my happy former self. We ended up back together and things have been great ever sense. ... (6 replies)
... I think it's just pretty low of her to value her other friends way more than me when i was always here for her and her first serious loving boyfriend who cared about her more than any of her other boyfriends. ... (7 replies)
... Thanks everyone, for the replies. I agree with all of you. Just for clarification, I know my boyfriend doesn't have anger management issues, I think it's more of a lack of patience. ... (11 replies)
... in boyfriend of 4 years seems to think everything he does is right and everything I do is wrong... ... (11 replies)
... This is nothing especially juicy or exciting, but I still need to know if I'm being a b**** or not, so all objective feedback is welcome. This fall I met a woman through work who, on the first day of my training, I immediatley took a dislike to. She seemed uppity and I'm a good judge of character. Fast forward 2 months and one life threatening surgery (boyfriend's) later, and... (3 replies)
... ke this, I get upset and take it out on everyone I can think of. I've been trying super hard to just work things out in my own mind cause I don't want to pull my boyfriend down with me. He's not mad or disgusted in the way I'm thinking, from what I can tell. ... (7 replies)

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