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... ake the good with the bad......if the good outweighs all the bad then that is it. Everyone is human....I make and I made a mistake with this. I Think I am more angry at myself for not seeing it all and letting things go by......................This must be his game as his last girlfriend 3 years ago..... ... (55 replies)
Another update
Oct 22, 2007
... I said I told you I wasn't. He grabbed it, slurped down half of it in one gulp and gave me an angry look. ... (99 replies)
... The last time I checked this is a public bus shelter." He said "Oh your the type of woman I like. Tough on the inside, soft on the outside." I felt so angry and I said 'Your the type of guy I like. ... (12 replies)

... I posted a few weeks ago about whether I should leave my boyfriend or not. My post was called 'to stay or not to stay'. ... (8 replies)
... Honestly, I think 4 months is too short to have a really big fight. I've been dating my boyfriend for just under one year and we've never had an "intense" fight. We've disagreed and I've gotten angry twice and cried. ... (8 replies)
... Well of course you are angry and bitter, but you need to learn from this unfortunate incident. ... (11 replies)
Last chance?
Sep 25, 2007
... Iv posted about my current boyfriend and I several time in the past about problems in our relationship. Well A lot had happined since them and I am more confused then ever as to what to do. ... (5 replies)
... yed at me because now he's tired for work but last year, she rang him in the middle of the night on a worknight saying shes running away from home because her ex boyfriend bashed her. it didnt bother him that he was up half the night that night. ... (42 replies)
I have had enough
Sep 15, 2007
... As most of you know, it is coming up to three months since my boyfriend and i broke up. ... (122 replies)
... Well, that's unfortunate for Jerry, but apart from being his friend, since you say you don't want him as a boyfriend, this really affects your life how? (11 replies)
... I have been questioning this for two days now===i would love to hear others opinions on this as well. I have been living with my boyfriend/husband for 4 months now and we have a 2 1/2 month old daughter. I met him on line last summer and got pregnant only six weeks into our relationship. I had made up my mind to keep my daughter no matter what the relationship brought but... (7 replies)
... moved out and filed for divorce. At this point I thought all would be well, but i was wrong, he would always get moody. When he came to my house, he was always angry or upset when he say my kids always wanting to be around me. ... (12 replies)
... Well reading that, that in itself must of been really really hard on him as a young kid. Maybe his stepfather through beating him, made him shut down emotionally and withdraw from feelings. Personally, if I was in your shoes, and you do obviously like this guy a lot it seems, I would just take the pressure off him a little, don't display upset when he doesn't always... (62 replies)
... This sounds a lot different from your final post. sorry if we got it wrong but this (above) is what we had to go on. Which is closer to the truth? (23 replies)
... xt few hours. So he calls from his friends and tells ME off because he thought it was something important. I tried to explain but basically got a row from my own boyfriend and then he went again. I dont think he has any idea how much he just ruined things as now i just dont want to give it another try. I think this may be the end. ... (8 replies)
... Hi ohdannyboy, You gave your bf the option of getting out of this relationship and he doesn't want to, so that makes me think that he really does love you and I think it's a possibility that maybe he is under some sort of stress that he is not communicating to you which may be the reason why he feels like not being intimate with you right now. Have you noticed any other... (62 replies)
... Oops, i just real larry'smom's post sorry. We've been together for 2and half years and we're just boyfriend and girlfriend. ... (62 replies)
... and my boyfriend is about to be 21 in one week. ... (23 replies)
... i can understand everything the both of you have said, i can understand that she will be angry and wondering if i will do it again, but i honestly wouldnt... ... (7 replies)
... er that you just want to hang out at your place or do something else. or you already have plans, you dont have to say what you are doing. but remember that your boyfriend might tell her what you are doing if he does then that is a problem. ... (13 replies)

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