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... has a different opinion. you cant expect the answers to be the ones that you want. i have not ignored any facts as i already said that i wouldnt be happy with my boyfriend comparing myself to his ex. after 2 months i would of moved on. ... (51 replies)
... i have been dating this guy for two months and we get along great. he told me early on that his best friend is, and i quote, "the only woman he's ever loved. ... (51 replies)
... This is all true. You really need to reconsider whether this is the kind of relationship that you want. And clearly you're not happy with the situation, so I think you already realize that this guy isn't right for you. ... (51 replies)

Apr 23, 2012
... My boyfriend has two sons and divorced their mother 16 years ago. ... (2 replies)
... lf in this statement. you said that you think its immature to stay friends with exes in the first place, then you go on to say that for him to be friends with an ex is not an issue. sorry but that sounds like a contradiction to me and it seems like you are bothered by him being friends with an ex period. ... (51 replies)
... There is no contradiction in my belief that exes as friends are holding on and that I'm ok with his friendships in general. I do think it's immature and it's certainly not for me but I don't care if other people do it, even people I'm seeing. ... (51 replies)
... se I'm asking for your success stories because you're situations are different than mine but I'm comparing notes. Telling me I'm being contradictory when I'm not is not giving advice, it's criticizing. You clearly don't agree with me. Then don't, I'm not asking you to. ... (51 replies)
... exactly the point i was making happymom28. obviously i didnt say it as well as you though. i dont think your husband has a secret agenda or is holding on and i dont think his ex is either. after all they moved on, got married and he has a child or 2 with you. ... (51 replies)
... He's just so unwilling to see how I feel. And blancanieve is right as well. He's already been running to her when we have problems which is a huge reason why this bothers me. I even told him that I need him on my team, not hers. ... (51 replies)
... I was in a similar situation with my boyfriend. He is still friends with a couple of his ex's and good friends with one particular ex. My rationality and insecurities were at war!! ... (51 replies)
... I have to agree. It's only been two months. And if a man I was dating were doing and saying these things to me, what I would hear is "She is paramount in my life. ... (51 replies)
... His ex isn't the problem here, it's your boyfriend. He is disrepsectful in the sense of putting this "friend" on a pedistal to you. He is intentionally making you feel like you have to compete for his affection. What a loser! ... (51 replies)
... That makes a lot of sense, thank you. I have definitely communicated how I feel and his response is to tell me that I can get over it, not that he's willing to make any compromises or concessions. ... (51 replies)
... e im friends with. i responded to what YOU said that you think its immature to be friends with exes. thats your opinion, great you're entitled to it. my opionion is that its not immature. im also entitled to that opinion too. we're not kids, some people can go on to having "adult" friendships. ... (51 replies)
... at being a friend to an ex is okay, and no one should have to give up a true friendship with an ex for a new partner, but these comparisons and him talking about his love for her, his confiding about you guys, and her not liking you, is STUPID and not worth it. ... (51 replies)
... This is not contradictory. For the third time, I don't have a problem with opposite sex friendships or friendships with exes. ... (51 replies)
... I don't think it's an issue that he is friends with his ex but I do have an issue with him comparing you guys. It's wrong, and you've only been together for 2 months. ... (51 replies)
... Like I said in a previous post, my husband and his ex have been good friends for a long time. She had just moved from the midwest when they met. They hit it off as friends very well. ... (51 replies)
... he has other friends in this category. For him to be 'best' friends with an ex is another story. ... (51 replies)
... Prince Charming time. Instead of going to the ball in a pumpkin, you're "spending hours" arguing about his ex and how she'll be the only one he'll ever truly love. ... (51 replies)

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