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... I've been dating my boyfriend for a year. We both have children. Mine is an 8 year old girl and his are a 27 year old son and 24 year old daughter. ... (1 replies)
... My boyfriend and I celebrated our two year anniversary in early February. I had no indication that anything was amiss in our relationship. ... (3 replies)
... responsible for not communicating. So communicate your own disappointment in your self and how you failed to handle this situation, now. This is the time to open up more than ever. ... (3 replies)

... Unfortunately, you cannot control how other people feel, but you can control yourself. This guy is a loser. He obviously was thinking about other things before this happened... no one ends a relationship over something this small- so fast... this might have been his breaking point. Yes, you should have discussed this with him- but its not a cardinal sin to hold something so... (3 replies)
... Of course he probably is shocked that his big plans fell apart. But it's very important that you leave his side of it with him. You already feel bad yourself. He may have already been thinking that way before your academic failure. He seems way too quick to throw you away. ... (3 replies)
... apologize in advance for it being so long, but I'm in desperate need of some answers and some advice. I guess answers is the wrong word to use because only my ex boyfriend could truly give them to me since that's who this is about it. ... (0 replies)
... boyfriend cut off contact with completely. He just broke up with about a week ago. And it all seems so hard to believe . He just spent the holidays with me and my family and told me 4 days ago when he told me he doesn't want to get back together so many mean things. I am completely dumbfounded actually. ... (8 replies)
... Her parents did not seem to like me after finding out but i understand. ... (22 replies)
... The breaking up and getting back together cycle isn't normal. ... (8 replies)
... My boyfriend of a year and a half broke up with me tonight saying that hes not ready for a girlfriend and he wants to get his life in order. ... (9 replies)
... l you "why" he did it. He's really the only one that can answer that question. But does "why" really matter at this point. Despite his claiming to love you he broke up with you and cut all contact. Those actions are speaking much louder, aren't they? ... (8 replies)
... Thank you for your response. Yes it seems like he has been planning this on one hand , and on the other hand I can't figure out if he is confused. He told me he wanted to break up with me in October and one other time. So I just can't figure him out. He goes back and forth. ... (8 replies)
... My boyfriend just broke up with me 3 days ago after almost five years together. He broke up with me in a text message on my cellphone. We are both 20 and are somewhat ready for different things. He is already working and making great money. ... (55 replies)
... So my boyfriend and I were dating for 2 years and he broke up with me 1 week ago. He cried really hard when breaking up with me and it almost seemed like it wasn't really what he wanted. We were still very much in love and had incredible chemistry even throughout the breakup. ... (1 replies)
... If there is one thing I have learned about guys is that they never know how to properly break up with someone. Even the nice ones end up acting like jerks because it's easier for them to just stop calling then actually tell you the truth. ... (8 replies)
... ruth, and from wanting to ready way too much into the nice things he said and did. The bottom line is, if he wanted you, if he were really that into you, he'd be with you. and he's not. And that's all you need to know. ... (8 replies)
... the closure, i need like i said, i love her, and if she was willing to come back, we would have to start all over and seek communication skills, as well as build up trust and feelings, but that may never happen either! So.. ... (37 replies)
... Best of luck. You're not alone! There are a few of us walking arounds with question marks over our heads! ... (37 replies)
... Hello all. I know most of you know about the drama with my boyfriend by now. I posted many threads back in the fall about my difficulty with this guy. I have finally decided enough is enough. However, not until I got a job at his school and I moved him in 4 months ago. I guess I am just really dense. ... (7 replies)
... I broke up with my boyfriend of SIX years about 4 months ago. We had a great relationship WHEN he was a nice person or WHEN I said yes to his every demand and wish. ... (8 replies)

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