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... I just started goin out with this guy a few days ago and hes never kissed anyone before,its not like hes young (hes 19) what can i do to make him a better kisser and not make him feel like an idiot and me feel like a controlling biotch? Any tips would be fine...thank you ------------------ Peace,Im out Being moved to the Teen Sexual Issues board. (1 replies)
... Hi i am a newbie and has a very insensitive boyfriend . I need some answers please. My boyfriend seems to care about himself alot of the time. ... (7 replies)
Why dont we kiss?
Nov 12, 2005
... Sorry, I cant help you anymore. I have never been in that situation. I love kissing my boyfriend... Kissing is just a big part of us. We both love it!! ... (6 replies)

... Hello! So hereís my situation I started dating this guy in mid February. He is my best friendís brother and I knew him for about a year and a half before I started dating him. During that year and a half, I really didnít like him because he was rude to me and sometimes mean. And annoying. I asked my best friend why her brother was such a douche and she told me it was... (9 replies)
... isnt my decision anymore because he is going to break up with me as soon as he finds out about this,it has made me realise just how much i really do love him,i cant imagine what i would do without him, he means so much to me and i am truly sorry for what i did. ... (30 replies)
... Since before my boyfriend and I started dating, I have been writing a journal of all the time we have spent together. ... (2 replies)
... One cannot go on a journey alone. Life is a journey. Frankly, I'm with my boyfriend because I want to be with him, not just with anyone. It's not that I don't want to be lonely. ... (5 replies)
... can't stop calling him or texting as I want him to know I am changing, I am having hypnotherapy for my attacks. He says he knows but I have hurt him badly and he cant take that chance on me. So on Friday I did not text him or call him and I went round on Saturday as I was missing him and the cat. ... (10 replies)
... He is the greatest boyfriend anyone could ask for, yeah we fight and don't always get along but either way at the end of each and everyday I still love him. ... (39 replies)
... Good grief unbelieveable I cant believe a mother could do that to her daughter and then to rub it in your face absolutely sickening. ... (18 replies)
... I had a simlar situation with an ex bf i was with for 2 years, he didnt touch kiss or have sex with me for several months and i put it down to his problems at home, i tried talking to him about this for months and months and he promised it would get better, i didnt want to leave him as he was also like a "friend" not just a bf... but in the end i left him for someone else. And... (6 replies)
... He even tells me he cant imagine being with neoen else especially in a relationship he said i ment the world to him but everything just changed. ... (2 replies)
... I wasnt even thinking about him the whole night, he was just sort of there in the background. But somehow he had already made an inpression on my heart. Though I cant say it was love at first sight, I can say that I have never in all my life walked into a room and been so affected by anyone as he affected me. ... (5 replies)
... e... that some of you could get me some advice or thoughts or anything... Im realy desperate and I came to a point where I dont know what to do anymore... I just cant find a cure for the pain I have inside... so here I am... ... (7 replies)
... I love my boyfriend and he loves me, but he gets really mad when I dont want to kiss him in Public and says its really disrespectful to him! I dont mind a kiss on the cheek or a peck on the lips, but sometimes I get really embarrassed to even do that in public and I cant help it! ... (19 replies)
... ok im 18 and i have really bad anxiety. i have a boyfriend of almost 1 year that i'm in love with. Last week I was supposed to drive my boyfriend and 3 friends down to a town thats 40 minutes away. I was so stressed about it since I had to drive the highway and missed paying two tolls.. ... (6 replies)
... i am 20 years old and my boyfriend just turned 21. ... (7 replies)
... went inside and I helped him edit. We were sitting next to each other on the couch and my heart was beating out of my chest and I couldn't help but wish I could kiss him. All of a sudden he turned to me and asked 'can I kiss you? ... (8 replies)
... ing and VERY mean to me saying that I care more about my brother than I do about him etc... I was juggleling my daughter, her school,her sports, my brother, my boyfriend and lets not forget about my job. I am emotionally worn down to a frazzle! ... (7 replies)
... ht he continued with the harassment for awhile, except later it got to the point where he took my girlfriend to another area, and held her hands and attempted to kiss her. ... (24 replies)

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