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Boyfriend's dad
Jul 17, 2008
... hool issues just makes things worse. We both come from pretty messed up families. My dad was a drunk until i was like 6, my mom gave him an ultimatum and he quit cold turkey. I'm very lucky to not remember much of it. Unfortunately for me, my dad still continued to be an emotional abuser. ... (10 replies)
... n what someone ELSE may or maynot do, you're setting yourself up for a fall. I know. For a long time I so desperately wanted, felt I needed an apology from my ex boyfriend who didn't treat me very well, but I know it will never come. I can't make my whole life depend on what he will or won't do. ... (46 replies)
... it's a return to the six year cold war that affected my family and particularly my son so deeply. ... (27 replies)

... By the way you tell the story, he sounds very selfish and cold and insensitive. He hasn't even asked you how you feel about all this, how you'll feel if the child is his. ... (54 replies)
Boyfriend In Iraq
May 14, 2007
... Do try the letter. I would also suggest that he doesnt hang up on you if you two do argue over the phone. That is such a cold thing to do and I can tell you the times dh and I have had arguments over the phone that is one rule we have that we follow. ... (22 replies)
... use I'm scared to be alone. I hate feeling so pathetic. I wish I could be a strong woman and just deal with it...I mean, I'm going to have to just do that...go cold turkey so to speak. I'm not sure if he'll call or not. ... (30 replies)
... What i'm getting at is it is hard to drop a friend cold turkey, especially if they were friends before the relationship. ... (16 replies)
... OMG ! Do whatever it takes to prove to him that this is his baby. While that baby is yours for sure, to him it's either of his own blood OR that of a competitors. And boy O boy, is it ever repulsive for guys to just think of their lover being with another man, let alone carrying someone else's baby. 20 and with his background, I don't think he has any idea... (5 replies)
... most likely isn't his. He kept this from me for 9 months...Could that explain his actions and why he was soo cold and distant, thinking that this baby wasn't his? ... (5 replies)
... From male's point of view, I honestly wouldn't ever get back with any girl that dumped me in a "cold, cruel way", even if she was just an teenager. You should try though rather than not to try. (3 replies)
... ago, I had a wonderful bf. I know it might sound silly, but the minute I met him I knew he was special, and he really was a great kid. I dumped him, in a pretty cold manner, after just 5 or 6 months. He never knew this but it was for a much older man who I wound up filing charges against much later on. ... (3 replies)
... Maybe the two of you should try counseling before you set any wedding dates! It doesn't always work, but at least you can say you tried everything. I don't know how commited he is to change, but you should not stay with him because you think you'll miss your chance to have kids. For that matter, you can have kids without him! I don't mean that in an insensitive manner...but... (14 replies)
... Why do so many women/girls take on all the blame for messed up relationships? You may not be able to see it, because as you said, you're not very experienced with relationships. But here's what lots of experience over the years has taught me. If a guy spends more time with friends than he does you, or doesn't include you with his friends, he's not just not all that "in" to... (5 replies)
... Who are you to call her a skank?? I think that is rude and inappropriate for YOU or anyone else to judge someone by how they choose to dress!! I dress sexy and NOT trampy style either, and I have many men who stare at me and enjoy every minute of it. So, what if his ex didn't wear anything under her skirts, I personally wouldn't do it, and my skirts are never more than a... (25 replies)
... I spent alot of years with a man that I refer to as Captian Cold .. couldnt show a feeling ever ... it killed our relationship. ... (11 replies)
... affectionate to icy cold as though someone just flipped a switch. The last time I saw him, he looked like he was ready to jump out of his skin. ... (64 replies)
... I feel really bad for you Marie. You sound like an all around nice person and I know this must hurt a lot. I have an idea of what your bf is doing but I can't be sure of course. Let me explain. My husband and I used to go motorcycle riding with a group of his friends. They all brought their wives or girlfriends for these rides. One of them, a really nice guy, never... (12 replies)
... the way you want to be treated. I can guarantee you, this guy will most certainly give up his video games, I'll bet you a year's pay on it, he will give them up cold turkey, just as soon as he meets the woman he deems worth giving them up for. Unfortunately, he hasn't met her yet. ... (13 replies)
... I am a military wife myself, so I will give you the cold, hard facts here lol! First of all, EVERYTHING depends on what he signs up to be. Alot of positions do not require much deployment (being gone) and the training is only a couple of months. If that sounds like too long to wait for him, then maybe the love is not as strong as you think it is. I am not trying to be... (6 replies)
... So if he has backslid and is smoking again, make sure you let him know that YOU are aware this is a normal part of the process. Cold turkey is not for everyone. ... (8 replies)

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