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... ing and VERY mean to me saying that I care more about my brother than I do about him etc... I was juggleling my daughter, her school,her sports, my brother, my boyfriend and lets not forget about my job. I am emotionally worn down to a frazzle! ... (7 replies)
Weird signals?
Jan 21, 2008
... instead he saw us together and he looked very, very sad. Nevertheless, we continued our friendship, and we were always very flirty. I told my boyfriend at the time, that i found Ben very attractive, and my boyfriend hated this, along with the fact that I had been seeing him up until we got back together. ... (43 replies)
... I really did want to help her out and loan her the money..but when I mentioned her current boyfriend, she got so defensive, and now she is giving me the cold shoulder. And I'm really not sure why. ... (10 replies)

... By feeling cold controlled anger I moved away from pain and victimhood. That let to contempt. ... (7 replies)
... god Suzy I am so sorry that your suspcions were correct! It breaks my heart to hear of someone being cheated on in this manner because it happened to me, too! My boyfriend had a nine month long affair with this woman he worked with. ... (76 replies)
... having kids but when in comes down to asking me to marry him he has cold feet. When he was 6, his parents got a divorce that crushed him so bad that at 6 years old he had to go to therapy. ... (9 replies)
Nov 16, 2006
... Giving... espsecially to someone you "care" about... should be done for the sake of giving... not for some expectation of something in return... That's a business transaction... not "caring"... Yes... that sounds REALLY bad... If your not "physically attracted" to your "boyfriend", you really have no business being in a relationship with him... The fact that he is... (26 replies)
Love issue
Aug 23, 2006
... Hi, hope you guys can still offer your fantastic help. A few days after my last post on these boards it was the end of his exams and we all went out (friends etc) to celebrate. I had been with my boyfriend all day and the time was approaching half mid night when I decided enough was enough- i had a great night but i was left feeling so tired. My boyfriend got very annoyed... (47 replies)
... and now bills. I feel bad for her and in between my problems, work, home life and pregnancy I try to help her when I can. She just got into an arguement with her boyfriend over a subject I think was one sided and they broke up. ... (2 replies)
... an work to change our minds. For some reason you are idealizing this girl, turning the whole situation into a mystical romance novel, rather than looking at the cold hard facts. Yes, you could resist the attraction, but I know crushes are so much fun to have. ... (60 replies)
... session, something another woman can slip into her pocket when I'm not looking. No one can be 'stolen' who doesn't want to be. I knew a girl in high school whose boyfriend ran around on her, and she spend all of her time at parties and such punching other girls in the face with whom her boyfriend flirted. ... (7 replies)
... when she told me that she didn't know why she was with her boyfriend and not me. ... (27 replies)
... I understand thir spending habits will most likey NEVER change. And that I probably cannot change it, but if working together with my boyfriend can get his credit better then we will be better becauset this will never happen again to him. ... (30 replies)
... ld like to move to a bigger place and he don't see any reasoning to it...I am sick of small towns because there is nothing to do and nothing to offer...I love my boyfriend with all of my heart but I see it as if he don't want to move with me in the near future then I am going to do what makes me happy.. ... (5 replies)
Jul 26, 2004
... I believe on my last post I left off on Wednesday. My boyfriend was showing up randomly at my house everyday before work and staying for a few minutes, being cold and distant, and then leaving for work. Wednesday and Thursday of last week that pattern continued. ... (42 replies)
... You don't mention how old the boyfriend is, or how old your daughter is. Does he work? ... (12 replies)
... and is very COLD in the wintertime!!!!!!!! ... (17 replies)
Jul 3, 2003
... Me and my boyfriend have been together for a couple months. Everything has been heaven I have had no complaints till this past weekend. ... (2 replies)
... And it's possible she's being honest. She might be happily married, not interested in your boyfriend and maybe he just bothers her. ... (7 replies)
... we missed each other like crazy.But lately things have been so cold and we have argued nearly everyweek...but over stupid petty childish things. ... (9 replies)

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