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Oct 15, 2004
... I posted on this board a while ago about a problem with my boyfriend going on a holiday with some girls from work. Although I'm still not happy about it I'm dealing with it. ... (6 replies)
... Another important thing to keep in mind, is that you say he's very controlling as far as who you talk to or even look at. ... (49 replies)
Is it me or him?
May 11, 2013
... is guy was so clingy and had always threatened to kill himself for various things, if I left him etc., he is still alive years later and was able to live without me and for the most part leave me alone afterwards as he realized that he had been the one to break up with me. ... (6 replies)

... a controlling boyfriend. It was my first relationship, so initially I thought the way he treated me was normal. ... (15 replies)
... Actually, I'm not sure if 'controlling' is the word for the two examples you gave. To me, 'controlling' would be if he tried to control things like when you go out, who you see, what you wear, etc., etc., but something like smoking or getting a tattoo? Those are real issues that can be deal breakers at the beginning of a relationship and now, just because you're a couple, he's... (18 replies)
... nted to look into music therapy as a major because I am very musical and I love to help people. However, to my parents, this wasn't an option, and they informed me that they would not be paying for my college if I chose this major. ... (14 replies)
... Unfortunately, I am not really "in" her life, because she's chosen to adhere to his controlling rules so as to not anger him. I did let her know that if she ever changed her mind she was welcome to contact me at any time. ... (22 replies)
... Reading your posts reminded of me of what it was like when I first started dating my exhusband. Unlike you, I was too naive to see that he was controlling me until way into the game. ... (5 replies)
... BIG BIG favor......get the will kill 2 birds with one will be getting that tattoo you want and getting rid of future problems with a controlling jerk. ... (18 replies)
... We had a "loser boyfriend" just like this one,and you are right, you can't win. Luckily our daughter woke up one evening quite suddenly and told him where he could stick it. Be there for her, and tell her (at the time) if you see any behaviours of his as controlling. I did that, and my daughter eventually heard me. Cheers, Sera (8 replies)
... m getting accused. i have proved it was not me as i did not have any credit on my mobile phone plus i am not immature like that so my whole family have turned on me accusing me when they should know i wouldnt do that. so i have officially abandoned my family. they have put me through years of hell and i have had enough. ... (5 replies)
... and analyzed my life and told me what to do. He lived vicariously through me. had to cut him off when I realized he was not thinking for my good, only for his own indulgence. ... (4 replies)
... eeling too rushed, but I was blind to it at the time and loved the idea of getting married. Then, she got pregnant. That, plus the fact that I was being somewhat controlling with her and the fact that we seemed to argue constantly, turned out to be the last straw for her. ... (7 replies)
... by cheating on her and then asking you to be her friend but then hide this fact from her. If you were any kind of friend of hers you would have told her that her boyfriend is playing her for a fool. ... (7 replies)
... g allowed to be a real, full part of the deal myself, and I wasn't interested in going there again. Well, he totally went off on me, saying he had always treated me with nothing but respect and he wasn't like those other guys, etc. ... (41 replies)
... I don't think he'll ever stop talking to her. He's a selfish person. I let go of my ex for myself and for him, because he loved me and I want him to move on. This guy told me that he wouldn't stop talking to her. ... (24 replies)
... My boyfriend and I just broke up on Valentine's Day. We were together for a little bit over a year. ... (8 replies)
... ason why you feel it's ok to be verbally abused by a man. You say you hate it and you are miserable but you are falling into what so many women fall into with a controlling man.... you are losing your sense of what is right and what is wrong. ... (15 replies)
... In my experience, guys that start off controlling and argumentative don't tend to improve much permanently. You should at least think about whether your dad might have a point. ... (10 replies)
... whenever me and my boyfriend fight, i always get really mad and start yelling in his face. ... (3 replies)

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