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... Its very hard because my family liked her, when I let my family hear the news they were really upset and they just told me to move on and gave me a lot of support. She lost not only a great boyfriend but her best friend ever I think that's what hurt her most. ... (23 replies)
... I don't question the love...I haven't stopped loving my boyfriend since I met him. I do question certain aspects of the relationship, though, as you said. It's spite of the differences, I still love the guy. ... (74 replies)
... he is for saying that. Well what i fail to realize... I am a part of that problem. I let him push my buttons and get me all riled up and upset... FOR NOTHING. because at the end of the day... ... (15 replies)

... and his friends will drift apart, or the friends will succeed in convincing him to be free, she's too controlling, she's not right for him, etc. and she and the boyfriend will break up. It's not an age thing. ... (11 replies)
... I know exactly how you feel, I was only in the relationship for 2 years but my boyfriend split up with me on Sunday. ... (30 replies)
... gether and see each other every night. Doesn't seem like he's in a hurry to do that even at the age of 37 and having dated this woman for four years. Sounds to me like a lost cause, unfortunately. ... (29 replies)
... I am going to say it like I see it....your BF seems to be quite controlling and makes you feel guilty for his lack of concern for your feelings. I remember having a boyfriend who was very much like that. ... (65 replies)
... I consider them close friends, but since there is nothing sexual or romantic going on anymore, I'd consider any boyfriend who tried to prevent me from maintaining these friendships VERY insecure, clingy, jealous, and controlling. Is this how you want to come off? ... (65 replies)
... boyfriend actually told me that he had a heart condition and his doctor told him he was dying. ... (29 replies)
... LLM has hit the nail on the head. My daughter's first boyfriend was just like this. He rushed her out of the house on every date, never ate with us, or wanted just to chat etc etc. ... (22 replies)
... Think twice before you continue the relationship. It sounds like your boyfriend is "only" being stubborn, but reading between the lines, it sounds more than that. He sounds controlling and immature to me. ... (12 replies)
... If you can't already see what he is doing wrong, then I don't think anything that anyone here says can help you. This relationship is completely wrong, totally unhealthy, and on the road to complete and total heartbreak for you. But you can't even see that because you are in denial. The sooner you realize that what Seraph posted is 100% true, the sooner you will see why... (10 replies)
... Wow, I'm sorry to see that there are people here who are so against pot, when in reality smoking cigarettes and drinking cause much more serious societal problems. Trust me, people who know anything about pot (other than the blatant lies and distortions you see in commercials and ads) know that it's not a big deal AT ALL for people who use it, except for a tiny number of... (23 replies)
... Hooray for Gemi. Right on the head on this one. When I was 19 I broke up with a possessive/jealous/controlling boyfriend. Not only did he threaten to kill himself, he also came up with a "heart disease that was going to kill him". He didn't kill himself by the way although he's taking the slow route. (He has smoked to the point of emphysema and also has congestive heart... (18 replies)
... So me an my ex went out for two years everything was perfect. We had our arguements but we were fine. ... (9 replies)
... Back in 2011 my boyfriend and I were having financial issues and he was so stressed and he was getting very nasty towards to me. I had been looking for work but not joy as we have a son. ... (5 replies)
... ince everything revolves around you and your ability to make him happy. I'm sorry but he's not a healthy individual which is why he has to control your life. His controlling nature is a way to mitigate his insecurities which he should get some help on if he wants to be able to have a healthy relationship. ... (7 replies)
... and moved back to my hometown to be with him. Everything was fine, he proposed to me and we were happy as ever. I seen the way he treated his mother, he was controlling and so mean to her, if she didnt do what he said he would throw a fit and lash out at her calling her names and punching holes in her wall. ... (15 replies)
... He dumped me a year ago and is now in a relationship with someone who ie EXACTLY like him... ... (48 replies)
... He simply does not accept "no" for an answer. He forced me into a day trip to Chicago last month though I didn't want to go. ... (5 replies)

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