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... t you did when you met him. If your profession of choice was not good enough for him then he should have moved on. So to answer your question, yes, I feel your boyfriend is being controlling here. ... (5 replies)
... Me and my boyfriend have been together 14 months. ... (5 replies)
... m not your scapegoat. You are responsible for controlling your own anger. ... (64 replies)

... dating. I had been in a relationship before where the guy cheated on me saying he'd been under the influence of drugs and alcohol so it bothered me that my new boyfriend did this. When I told him my concerns he promised not to do them anymore. ... (8 replies)
... my boyfriend for almost two years now, and looking back, i realize that sometimes there's been a lot of conflict between what my parents want for me and what my boyfriend wants...and in between that, sometimes i don't know what i want for myself... ... (14 replies)
... Hi all! I am a penpal to a first love I had about twenty plus years ago... and.... I write back and forth with him on emails.. about stuff...He recently answered a question for me about when he used to be "controlling". He says that it was true that he USED to be that way..and with me..but, he is no longer like this and was not like this in his other relationships! (Is this... (4 replies)
... It is hard to leave. Controlling men have a way of isolating and brainwashing. But no, it is NOT better to stay. ... (15 replies)
... The title states precisely that. A very controlling, insecure, paranoid, abusive, miserable, pot-head boyfriend... that i nearly got rid of. I big part of me is SO MISERABLE and FRUSTRATED I can just cry and scream! I feel so angry for being with him - can you really love somebody that acts so ignorant? Or do you just "love" them out of habit because you have been with their... (15 replies)
... I agree with Bracelet. I was in a relationship that started off as controlling and then developed into physical abuse. I'm not saying all controlling men or women will become physically abusive but many do. ... (18 replies)
... and help prevent you from becoming involved with someone else in the future that is abusive and controlling. DO NOT under any circumstances believe anything your boyfriend may try to tell you about him changing, etc, etc. His character is already formed and YOU DESERVE SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!! ... (30 replies)
... ing to football games, Homecoming and the Prom, and enjoying being a teenager, NOT stressing over whether or not you got pregnant this time because your selfish, controlling jerk of a boyfriend refuses to use a condom. ... (35 replies)
... yeah i'm spending it with my boyfriend but he doesnt do much lol but i dont mind its better than spending it with my family. ... (5 replies)
... Cathrine and whoever else was dealing with a controlling boyfriend, I just have to say this, please, please, PLEASE do not stay with a boyfriend who is so controlling and insecure. It will NEVER get better. Even if you talk to them and explain what the problem is, they may promise to do better and promise to change... ... (30 replies)
Oct 15, 2004
... I posted on this board a while ago about a problem with my boyfriend going on a holiday with some girls from work. Although I'm still not happy about it I'm dealing with it. ... (6 replies)
... Actually, I'm not sure if 'controlling' is the word for the two examples you gave. To me, 'controlling' would be if he tried to control things like when you go out, who you see, what you wear, etc., etc., but something like smoking or getting a tattoo? Those are real issues that can be deal breakers at the beginning of a relationship and now, just because you're a couple, he's... (18 replies)
... The bottom line is that if you want to do something that isn't hurting anyone else (such as the tattoo but not the smoking), and he says you aren't allowed to, then that is being controlling. Anything he tells you that you can't do or that you have to do, that is being controlling. The red flags are there, but it's up to you whether you choose to ignore it and continue this... (18 replies)
... Another important thing to keep in mind, is that you say he's very controlling as far as who you talk to or even look at. ... (49 replies)
... Unfortunately, I am not really "in" her life, because she's chosen to adhere to his controlling rules so as to not anger him. I did let her know that if she ever changed her mind she was welcome to contact me at any time. ... (22 replies)
... a controlling boyfriend. It was my first relationship, so initially I thought the way he treated me was normal. ... (15 replies)
... BIG BIG favor......get the will kill 2 birds with one will be getting that tattoo you want and getting rid of future problems with a controlling jerk. ... (18 replies)

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