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... The other posters are all right. Your boyfriend is controlling and that is a form of abuse. Please do a search on verbal and emotional abuse. It will help you understand what is going on. ... (10 replies)
... If you can't already see what he is doing wrong, then I don't think anything that anyone here says can help you. This relationship is completely wrong, totally unhealthy, and on the road to complete and total heartbreak for you. But you can't even see that because you are in denial. The sooner you realize that what Seraph posted is 100% true, the sooner you will see why... (10 replies)
... I know exactly how you feel, I was only in the relationship for 2 years but my boyfriend split up with me on Sunday. ... (30 replies)

... Wow, I'm sorry to see that there are people here who are so against pot, when in reality smoking cigarettes and drinking cause much more serious societal problems. Trust me, people who know anything about pot (other than the blatant lies and distortions you see in commercials and ads) know that it's not a big deal AT ALL for people who use it, except for a tiny number of... (23 replies)
... I am going to say it like I see it....your BF seems to be quite controlling and makes you feel guilty for his lack of concern for your feelings. I remember having a boyfriend who was very much like that. ... (65 replies)
... I consider them close friends, but since there is nothing sexual or romantic going on anymore, I'd consider any boyfriend who tried to prevent me from maintaining these friendships VERY insecure, clingy, jealous, and controlling. Is this how you want to come off? ... (65 replies)
... Be aware that when he realizes that you really are going to end the relationship that he will try ANYthing to get you back. My controlling/manipulative alcoholic/drug addicted ex-boyfriend actually told me that he had a heart condition and his doctor told him he was dying. (How wonderful I would make his "last days") I was so overwhelmed that he loved me "that much" to... (29 replies)
... Thank you so much (12 replies)
... Thank you very much (12 replies)
... he's manipulative and controlling and these types of people just get worse. You let them get a little control and they run with it and pretty soon your life is not your own anymore. ... (12 replies)
... Run as fast as you can away from this very toxic and controlling relationship. You will become weaker as he becomes stronger each time you go back. ... (12 replies)
... Sounds like my worst nightmare. I'm sorry but I can't in good conscience help encourage you to stay because I think it's a terrible mistake for anyone to stay in an abusive relationship with someone so paranoid and controlling. (13 replies)
... this relationship because it is not healthy and probably will get worse as time goes by. Don't let this man beat down your self esteem for his purpose of totally controlling you. His niceness is not worth putting up his abuse so be brave and throw him to the curb, you will be glad you did. Good luck to you.. ... (3 replies)
... I had no intention to? I'm not an insensitive idiot I respect his feelings and would not want to create a bad relationship with his father when he's obviously forgiven his dad. And he's a very kind person, to me and everyone he knows. He's never been violent with me physically or verbally, he's very kind and calmly explains things to me even when we do fight. I really don't... (8 replies)
... There's nothing for you to do. When you meet his parents, especially his dad, don't say anything, don't bring it up. It's not your situation to deal with. And your bf sounds like he has already dealt with his feelings about it and has come to some sort of an understanding with his dad, so the matter is closed. Maybe he just wanted you to know. But be very careful. Boys... (8 replies)
... and needed a break. But me being stupid and confused i texted him everyday for about a month trying to figure out what went wrong. Finally he told me that i was controlling because i cried and i apparently picked out his flaws. I isnt realize i had done this to him. ... (9 replies)
... ince everything revolves around you and your ability to make him happy. I'm sorry but he's not a healthy individual which is why he has to control your life. His controlling nature is a way to mitigate his insecurities which he should get some help on if he wants to be able to have a healthy relationship. ... (7 replies)
... it's a control thing he's controlling the situation by hanging up, he decides when to hang up, when he feels like he's lost control (when he's losing the argument, when he's in the wrong) this is a red flag for the type of person he is......"control freak"......if you stick around long enough, it will appear in other areas......I advise you not to stick around for it. You... (5 replies)
... When he's not beating you, pushing you, bruising you, threatening you, controlling you, verbally or physically abusing you, things are great. I hope now that you've seen it in print, you can see more clearly just how nonsensical that is. ... (15 replies)
... Stop trying to make excuses for him..Abandonment issues BALONEY..Hes a mean controlling bully who is hooked on pills. You can and should do better..Just pack up get out and never look back!!! Hes not your Mr.Right far from it.. ... (15 replies)

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