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... Hey I really just wanted to get need to get over something that happened lately with my boyfriend as I am worried that I may let the issue spiral out of control as I do have a tendency to over think at times and can easily put a negative spin on a situation. ... (2 replies)
... No he has absolutely no idea how i least i dont think so.. he has up until recently been bragging about how wonderful i am and understanding and how no other gf would ever allow him so much freedom. ... (9 replies)
... midnight. I watch tv or movies, paint or draw. He comes and I'm thrilled to see him, we talk for a bit until I go to bed and get up again the next day to repeat it all! Quite boring actually... ... (9 replies)

Another update
Oct 22, 2007
... Then he started to get nasty. I dont know why. ... (99 replies)
... speak to her kiss or cuddle her alot not really worry were she was what she was doing because my feelings did not relly develop for her but then i reconised how much a part of my life she was. ... (7 replies)
... had a feeling he was telling the truth so that seems to help me, i am starting to believe he actually didn't. But i just feel so stressed out because if he did i dont want to be that stupid girlfriend who is totally oblivious to what her boyfriend is doing. ... (2 replies)
Would he get hurt?
Apr 25, 2006
... im sure your sister will be must be so hard for you, youre also very strong too. im quite amazed believe it or not! i really do understand, i dont know what id do if something like that happened to my sister...keep strong. ... (35 replies)
... t work. They started to see each other, he would drive over to our house to see her, and they were so cute. Well, she got a little spooked, she had never had a boyfriend before. And one night he made some moves on her and she got scared. So she backed off. ... (14 replies)
... t keep your stomach in knots and it doesnt' keep you in tears, wondering is he going to be there tomorrow, oh I said something wrong in my email, now he'll never talk to me again. That's not healthy, secure real love, it just isn't. ... (202 replies)
Practically alone
Feb 17, 2005
... things they were, and we were increasingly growing apart. I have never been into the things that my peers are. I despise the taste of alcohol, I don't like to talk negatively about people, and other things that i would consider "dumb." Rather than tell you what doesn't interest me, I will tell you what does. ... (2 replies)
... Well, We had our big talk Tuesday night. Everything came to a head because our lease renewal came in the mail, there was no choice but to face what's been going on. ... (6 replies)
... I do plan on having a talk with my doctor about an antidepressant. ... (103 replies)
... am in relationships I feel like I don't have a life. I feel like I focus on the person I am with and that everything else takes a back seat. Every time I have a boyfriend this happens. I worry too much, have too much anxiety, I get suspicious, I don't trust them. When I am away from them, thoughts race through my head. ... (4 replies)
Need Help ASAP
Jul 5, 2010
... others and often, actually more than often, feel very frustrated and take out my frustrations in the form of anger on others. I have anxiety socially and usually dont like to go out all that much. ... (5 replies)
... ly after my current girlfriend informed me that she had cheated on her ex a few times... but of course told me she would never ever do it again because she is so much more in love with me. ... (6 replies)
... Ok...I dont know where to start really cos theres so much going on in my head. I love my boyfriend very much and for the most part he's a great boyfriend but lately everything is going balls up. ... (2 replies)
... the situation just got stickier, this girl have boyfriend, and this boyfriend of her have a problem, he's a drug addict, and he once drag this girl into drugs. now, i met her again, and help her to get her a job, not much but still okay. ... (2 replies)
... To top it all off, my boyfriend of five years has made it clear that he is afraid to committ to me for the rest of his life, he says I am unstable. ... (3 replies)
... but i dont know how ill react and i dont want to get hurt but i do want him.... ... (204 replies)
Need advice!!!!!
Nov 25, 2005
... I don't blame you for being very confused as to how to proceed from here. Your boyfriend's actions don't seem to make much sense and from what you explained here, he didn't give you much of an explanation, so it's tough to know exactly what's going on. ... (2 replies)

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