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... I'd be pretty upset if my boyfriend completely forgot my boyfriend like that. ... (38 replies)
... One year even, he didn't get me anything. Granted, there were circumstances and finance issues that made taking me a birthday present difficult. But even a tiny something to say I remembered you, I care, your birthday is special to me? ... (2 replies)
... Ok, I gave it some thought and I'm not going to throw any stones or what have you - I guess my situation is totally different from the post. I do mark my calender for my birthday - so my boyfriend whom I live with can't possibily forget :p's not to remind HIM it's to remind my dear lovely son who is at an AGE where he can READ, Write, text message people, use... (38 replies)

... I'm gonna have to duck with you because that's my opinion as well! No excuses for these forgetful fellows. (38 replies)
... Doubtful. Sorry guys, but my husband had already planned my birthday 6 months in advance. He's already made plans for our anniversary as well. ... (38 replies)
Cheap boyfriend...
Apr 30, 2011
... Friday was my birthday. His birthday was earlier this month. For his birthday I spent 2 weeks pay, even though this meant leaving me completely broke for the next 2 weeks as I get paid biweekly. ... (23 replies)
... This is so true... I once had a guy that I liked but he was wishy washy about me, didnt committ, rarely called- I always called him, and then he turns around and calls me on my Bday which I remember telling him 3 months or so before of. Go figure- I was shocked since I remember him telling me htat he always forgets dates and numbers... So maybe your boyfriend forgetting yours... (38 replies)
... Things had been great until this February when the same friend's birthday came up again. ... (9 replies)
... s birthday, not just another night with the boys. He invited you to go, but you declined. I am surprised you did not want to be out celebrating your boyfriends birthday with him, and his friends that did. He wanted you there, but you opted out... ... (7 replies)
... Part of your advice I don't quite get. You tell her to have a serious talk with him and let him know how important it is to her. Then you tell her that if he forgets again next year to have another serious talk with him. If the first talk you suggest she have with him does no good, what might the second serious talk she is to have with him do? (38 replies)
... I have to disagree with the others a little. You need to let your bf know how important it is to you that your birthday be acknowledged (at least with a card or phone call that morning). Tell him it's very important to you, and you really hope he will remember next year, that you don't care about getting a gift but you do care that he remembers and wishes you a happy... (38 replies)
... after getting back together, he still tried to be the sweetest boyfriend ever.. but for some reason i couldn't forget what he did. I was depressed and always was hurt. I was embarrassed in front of my friends and i was always crying and replayed the pain in my head. ... (1 replies)
... I have to laugh at this because this is typical for a man. Most men forget anniversary dates, birthdates, or any special dates. I am going to agree and say forget it. I am sure he is planning something special because he feels bad enough but you don't need this to ruin things. ... (38 replies)
... Forget about it. That's right, forget about it. Some of the best men in the world have the brains of an ant when it comes to things like birthdays. ... (38 replies)
... ut they did. The man you sleep with, love, and care for, however, that is a whole different story. That man is the most likely of all people in the universe to forget your birthday, anniversary, or any important date that pertains to you. Just my observation. ... (38 replies)
... idn't spend his money on you, or loan it to you when you thought he should. I also see it as a red flag that you spent 2 weeks worth of your money on him for his birthday but then seem resentful of it. He didn't ask you to spend that money. You chose to, and a gift is supposed to come with no strings...and no resentment. ... (23 replies)
... If I didn't mark my birthday down on the calendar on our wall, my husband would forget! He remembers the month, but not what day. Alot of men are like that. ... (38 replies)
... Exactly. I doubt these guys would forget their mother's birthday or an important meeting, for that matter. If they want to, they remember. Just because they're male doesn't mean they are justified to have memory lapses. ... (38 replies)
... Who says he has to remember the actual number? Ever heard of selective memory? ;) (38 replies)
... when you Hit the big 40, trust me....YOU WILL want to forget your birthday too! ... (38 replies)

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