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... Cathy1 and Happymom thank you for your response. He hasnt hit me or anything. ... (15 replies)
... edy person and get dissappointed way too easily when he doesnt act the way i want him to... but i get so so low and anxious about it. He does think the world of me and tells me im great, but i dont always feel it in the way he acts. ... (6 replies)
... I am comfortable with her being my gf and hanging out with other guys becuase they are her coworkers and i know her closest guy friends all hav gf's. I also have known her for only a short time whereas these guy friends she has known for years. So it doesnt bother me. ... (11 replies)

... your right rose. shes obviously NOT my bestfriend, girls that are like her, are no good. so there is no real reason why i should continue to be her friend. ... (17 replies)
... ow ex you could say for 12 years now. We have hung out on and off for most of them since we were young and dumb we never dated each other. Last year he contacted me to hang out again. I just got out of a relationship and so didhe. ... (7 replies)
... okay so im sure this is selfish, but i dont know how to control what i feel. this girl is one of my bestfriends and i cant stand her boyfriend. ... (10 replies)
... Okay, now the first thing to do here is to calm down. Dont provoke him further. Remember what I said in a previous post, dont do anything to put it into his head that you might be considering leaving. You need to be sly here, and if you're not sly, you need to get sly. ... (25 replies)
Still hurting
Apr 10, 2007
... he scene for a long time. It was a huge blow. Id never felt so heartbroken, so down, I can honestly say it was probably the worst time of my life. It still makes me so sad what I went through. ... (14 replies)
... ctually laughed at my size....i know im not big but i am 7inches and i have been since i was 13 and i was totaly comfy with my size but she sat their laughing at me and saying that i was small and that she didnt want anything smaller than 8.5 inches..... ... (3 replies)
... year relationship. Actually, my relationship ended a LOT like yours except it was half as long and we didn't live together. We talked of marriage all the time, and I actually sort of regarded him as my fiancee. ... (5 replies)
... I posted a week or so ago about how I never see my boyfriend now that he moved to the same city. Lately, he has been making efforts here and there to see me more than before because his schoolwork lightened up for a week. ... (7 replies)
... Yeah I like going out with my friends too without him. Like just hanging out with my friends sometimes. I have a cousin that is married and still goes to clubs and dances with guys. I don't understand that at all but to each her own. ... (20 replies)
... Well I was writing in my journal last night and came to the conclusion that my boyfriend has changed since we first started dating. Im sure I have too, but I cant tell. ... (4 replies)
... boyfriend had a hard time dealing with the distance and even though he said he loved me so much he had a hard time dealing with the distance. We are 2 hours by plane and a train from each other. We visited each other 4 times during this time. ... (202 replies)
Feeling like....
Feb 3, 2005
... Anyway he had made plans for us to go to the bowling ally and then to a local bar for 2 dollar pitchers last night. I had class so he met me at the bowling ally. It was league night. ... (30 replies)
... This girl though does seem like an intruder. I am sure you didn't want to hear that but if this girl is being nasty to you and only wants to talk to him then I feel she has a thing for him. ... (12 replies)
... if the other person does anything that they've done while cheating, it sends off an alarm in their head and they start accusing. If they went out with their guy friends for a boys night, and cheated... ... (49 replies)
Jul 13, 2004
... But I can't stop thinkin about my ex. I enjoyed being with him so much, we did things together that we both enjoyed. I think i kept telling myself that i love my boyfriend now to help me get over my ex. My boyfriend now is a total opposite from me, so our relationship is basically coming home from work and doing nothing. ... (5 replies)
... you need to find out who you are without a guy. Find out what YOU like to do, places YOU like to go, what do you like to read, You, YOU, YOU, etc. It's all about you! ... (9 replies)
... We've been dating for a little more than 2 months. My boyfriend always spends time with his friends. Everyday afterschool or on the weekends he always calls his friends on and hang out with them. We hung out a lot in the beginning of the relationship and we would always cuddle and kiss. But lately I feel distant. ... (5 replies)

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