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... Life isn't so bad, it's just hard. I went 9 months doing whatever I wanted when I wanted and now I'm stuck at home when I could be doing things. I'll get by somehow. ... (7 replies)
... He's not stupid...he knows exactly what he is doing. Its called manipulation. He's got you wrapped around his finger. You teach people how to treat you. So far, he doesnt have any reason to stop being a cheating loser. ... (22 replies)
... The thing is, you're basically deceiving yourself, i mean, what else does that mean? when a person doesnt want to see something for what it is they find excuses and look for answer that could give them the benefit of the doubt, that's why so many women stay in unhealthy relationships, you want something so bad that you're gonna find any way to lie to yourself, this has already... (22 replies)

... ting....... ughh i hate this.. my mom said that she doesnt like whats going on and she even thinks its weird that he talks to my cousin, my aunt thinks he should get his own place so we can have space... my dad said that he thinks his demeanor is off, like one day hes talkative and the next hes quiet.. ... (22 replies)
... Let him be responsible and get his own place and you two can decide when and if he can spend the night. ... (42 replies)
Living at home
Apr 8, 2007
... I am dating a 40 year old man. He still lives at hime with his parents. And that don't really bother me, but his mom talks to me and tells me that he never helsp her pay any bills. And keeps complaining to me. She tries to provide for her family. ... (5 replies)
... My boyfriend and I have been together on and off for 2 years at the end of this month. We lived together for a few months last year, then he left to give his marriage one last shot. It was over between us. To make a long story short, things got messy. But, he eventually left her for good 1 year ago this month. ... (16 replies)
... dad and he asked me to move out so i moved into my boyfriends house. He lives with his dad but we have like our own apartment in the basement. So we have been livin together 4 like a month. ... (18 replies)
... an I am after reading your post above. And that is saying quite a lot, because I've felt extremely proud of you for all that you've managed to accomplish on your own since you've been sharing your story with your friends here. ... (70 replies)
... I'm currently going through a similar situation. My boyfriend used to want to spend every second with me, and spend the night with me every night. He got his own place awhile ago, after moving out of his mom's, and since then he doesn't like to spend the night at my place, and he's more distant. ... (14 replies)
... almost to a fault. To make things worse his family has just come to demand things of him and I feel that they more than take advantage of him. ... (5 replies)
... coming out. Then school ended, and he decided he would stay living where I lived, because he's not from around here, only for university. For 10 days we went to his hometown, and I realized I was in love with him there and then because I loved everything about him, just from seeing where he grew up, his famiy, friends, etc. ... (3 replies)
... Last month I ran into him and it was a convienient time for us to get together. We were both lonely and we do care about each other and get along well. So we've been a commited couple for the past month. The first week it was mostly about sex, but now we are settling into a relationship. ... (6 replies)
Almost Perfect...
Oct 25, 2013
... I don't think you would have posted about this man if you weren't worried about his instability. I'm in my 50's and I would not get involved with a guy that could not hold down a job or jumped from job to job. ... (42 replies)
... Well, keep in mind that your boyfriend could become your husband, and then it isn't HIS money they are borrowing, but YOUR money as well. ... (5 replies)
... All I can say is that if this is how he is now, odds are he is not going to change. Did already have his own place that you moved into or did the two of you get your own place together both coming from somewhere else? ... (16 replies)
... I say get a place of your own. The relationship doesn't have to end, but at least you will be cleaning and cooking and tending to your own space instead of being his maid. ... (6 replies)
... Hey, thanks for the replies. But I think you guys don't understand the situation. My boyfriend has not asked to live with me cos he wants sex. WE ARE BOTH VIRGINS!!! We're waiting until the right time. ... (42 replies)
... Personally I think that he should find his own place. A much better sign to me of a responsible guy who doesn't want to "just live with me". ... (42 replies)
... I am so sorry you are having trouble with your bf. Although you are not the target, the way he treats his friend tells us that he has something wrong with his value or character. ... (23 replies)

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