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Immature boyfriend
Sep 13, 2010
... yep there is other men like ur best friends ex husband. my boyfriends one of them. ... (19 replies)
... roommate is the best way to do it. If your boyfriend knows these girls I would ask him to introduce you. Tell him that you would like to make some new friends and expand your circle. There is nothing wrong with that. ... (1 replies)
... for something that will last very long, so I just never tried. The few times I did get into a relationship, it took a long time for me to give in to being "tied" with him and then I ended up getting hurt in the end. So I'm not easy to trust, I'm very knowledgeable for my age, and I'm still an emotional idiot. ... (6 replies)

... I'm in a fairly new relationship, long distance in fact, and right off the bat my boyfriend's Ex tried messing with us. She somehow faked an email from me to him leading him to believe that I was NOT interested in him. That was like two days after I met him! ... (7 replies)
... Hiya, I'm really happy that you are finding friends at work and starting to go out and have a good time with them. It means alot to have a good support system of friends in and outside of your work. I love the girls I work with, we are truly a family. ... (70 replies)
Help please
Feb 6, 2006
... ed on ,even told me that a few times,wrote me poems,drew me beautilful pictures ,road his bike in the middle of the night freezing cold,rain ,snow etc just to be with me for a few hours,we did everything together and yes even talked about marriage in the future. ... (443 replies)
... ome back to you. Sophia is right. These are only excuses. Men love getting what they want. Right now, he wants something more than he wants you. He wants to lick his wounds, wallow in self pity, indulge his pride, whatever, but no matter what it is, he wants it more than he wants you. It sounds to me like he always will. ... (29 replies)
... is the same exact way. Clubbing, talking to other guys, wanting her time with her friends. Im going through it right now. ... (26 replies)
Online Dating
May 7, 2005
... ink it IS precisely a matter of poor choices. Warped choices even. Which I am not doing on a consciuos level. However, while it is easy for me to stop contact with guys like the hot european and his equally strange friend, the problematic thing is getting rid of my ex for good. ... (202 replies)
... not want to spend any time at home with my housemates, I prefer to be with my girlfriend. ... (2 replies)
... This happened about 5 years ago when I seperated from my close childhood friend and boyfriend of 4 years. ... (22 replies)
Friendship problem
Feb 27, 2008
... i have been friends with this girl for 8 years. we met in high school. a few years later i met this other girl at a party and we became good friends straight away always hanging out, talking on the phone etc. 7 months later i met this guy who i basically fell in love with. ... (2 replies)
Is This Okay?
Nov 5, 2007
... Thats showing you care, but at the same time he might be thinking you dont trust him. I know my ex girlfriend was moody, but i would never go out with my friends i made her my life, and when i said i would call her at this time i would do it, not a second later, and she knew if she said she would call me at this time she would do it. We lacked communication So it was tough on... (12 replies)
... You did it with your weight and beautifying yourself. You can do it on the inside, too. This can be done with small things, as well as large things. Two years ago, I couldn't cook. Well, I got tired of my nasty meals. ... (14 replies)
... milar, so let me give you the only advice i have, since i have the benefit of a year's hindsight. just let him go. i know what you mean about things being really good between you guys, but as time goes on you will gain more perspective. you are way too close to the situation right now. ... (92 replies)
... Thanks H4S! Your advice has been right on as well. Especially the part about him being fine with being just friends. Lovingyou, H4S is right. You're the one having trouble moving on, not him. ... (202 replies)
... boyfriend had a hard time dealing with the distance and even though he said he loved me so much he had a hard time dealing with the distance. We are 2 hours by plane and a train from each other. We visited each other 4 times during this time. ... (202 replies)
... d set up an apprentice for me to learn design. She just pushed me on this subject, she didn't think that going to the Acdemy of Fine Arts in San Fransisco was as good as what she was promissing. She thought I was crazy for not wanting to come here and I finally said I would TRY it. ... (13 replies)
... Put the house on the market, split the furniture, and move on. These are not good enough reasons to stay with a man who said those things behind your back like that. ... (35 replies)
... heartedly finding other men to date because I was still holding out hope that ex would come through and love me the way I wanted him to. Now, that's the biggest regret of my life. ... (70 replies)

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