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... Your welcome...Ok, As for hobbies..well, reading and taking Yoga you are not going meet a guy...That is also a problem with woman they think these are hobbies that will interests men...NOT...When I say hobbies.. ... (52 replies)
... Hello everyone.. I will start with my unaffectionate side. ... (8 replies)
Too many thoughts
Aug 28, 2012
... I think my mum was terrified to find herself as a single mum in her early 20s. She used to tell me, her inspiration for keeping me, was found after seeing a man with one leg stumbling around the Underground. ... (0 replies)

... I was in your boyfriends position in my last relationship. Although hopefully he's a better boyfriend than I was. ... (44 replies)
... ad a gut instinct about him. He called me when he said he would, and even called me the next day after meeting me and set up a dinner date. He also invited me to his apt. where he cooked me dinner, and he also went 30 min out of his way that night to meet me after my class, and went with me to take me to his apt. ... (37 replies)
... You go girl !!! That's more like it . I was actually with one of that guys friends a few weeks ago and he brought the whole thing up . I was saying how his friend was my first love and he didn't believe me ,saying that it looked like I didn't care . ... (18 replies)
... me and move past this, but I am tired of reliving one small mistake" Let that be the end of it. Like you said, you can not make him believe anything and if these friends are big back stabbers they are going to sabbatage your relationship regaurdless. ... (10 replies)
Doesnt he want me?
Jul 22, 2004
... the other night, i made a plan, along with one of my friends. ... (58 replies)
... a tendency to put way too much pressure on yourself, on these girls, and on dates in general. I mean, about this Jessica girl, you were going to go to the movies with her, and just because you found out some other guy asked HER out, you didn't want to go. Um....WHY? ... (11 replies)
... I ran into my ex boyfriend. We only dated for one month over two years ago but we split up mutually and we've always been close friends since. Neither of us wanted a serious commitment back then and there weren't any hard feelings. ... (5 replies)
Do you love me?
Dec 30, 2006
... Had another chat with him. ... (76 replies)
... To answer question 3, like Carrie said on an episode of Sex And The City when she decided she wanted her ex boyfriend back and went to his home and threw pebbles at his window, "when men make a grant gesture of love, it's considered bold and romantic. ... (39 replies)
... etting things moving in a direction anyway. I've always been sort of big on following one's heart, but I know you've got to pay the bills too. Maybe it will be a good thing to work with friends again, if you're strong enough to avoid bad habits. And who says it has to be permanent. ... (26 replies)
... Because I met this guy through therapy and OMG I fell in love the minute our eyes met. I NEVER felt this way with my husband! This guy affects me in every way. Sometimes I can't even breathe when I am around him. I get all nervous! Anxiety! It feels good!! ... (17 replies)
... I wish I had some really good advice for you JKP, but I'm not sure what can said. The only thing I can say is I know how much it hurts, and I hope you can work past it soon. ... (2 replies)
... out of his own accord. ... (10 replies)
... at a guy they are and how women can be the same way, it's still important for a woman to protect herself. Like I said, every guy is a great guy when he's in love with the perfect woman for him, but when he's horny bored and lonely, even the nicest, sweetest most wonderful guy in the world can be a liar and a user. ... (37 replies)
... To me it sounds like the both of you are to blame. First I would like to address jcrazy. You seem to only want to be with this girl when it is convenient for you. Where were you during the months of pregnancy? ... (9 replies)
... I'm doing fine. The ex boyfriend had not contacted me in almost 5 months, and then about 2 weeks ago decides to bother me. It's a whole big mess..he wanted to be friends but I want nothing to do with him, so I told him to leave me alone just last night. And that's that. Hopefully things will work out. ... (12 replies)

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