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... I met my boyfriend about a year and a half ago and everything was great. We moved into together after only being together for three weeks. ... (35 replies)
... apart, I have been known to get upset. Usually, it is because he doesn't call when he says he will or he's most often out wiht another girl. The thing is, ALL of his friends are female. He literally has 2 guy friends, and then 10 or more girl friends that he spends time with. ... (4 replies)
... I'm certainly not trying to be mean, just honest. Don't hold your breath and get on with your life. After he left the previous relationship, he never gave himself time to remedy his feelings for his ex at that point. ... (2 replies)

Human Doormat
Jan 25, 2009
... that. Kelly graduated last year, but she lives close to my hometown. She's single now, and I think she's still interested in me. I decided to maybe pursue things with her. We were going to a New Year's party together, and I thought maybe I could try kissing her or something. ... (30 replies)
... I am new to this site as of today and posted my own question that also touched on this. Now let me tell you more detail on my own experience with this. I was married 8 years, dated my e on and off for 7 years before. After our second child, my ex started to act differently.. ... (18 replies)
... This was probably his first love. This is no excuse though for his action and he needs to get over her. You are someone new that he excepted into his life and you will never be that ex. nor want to be. That was 11 yrs ago and him and his family need to let it go. ... (35 replies)
... See, the thing is, he is the one that brings her up most of the time. Everyone does. I cannot get away from her. His family talks about her, his friends talk about her. They don't say nice things about her but I still hear about her at least 3 times a month even though is was 11 years ago. ... (35 replies)
... I will try to keep this to the point. I am 26 and I have had the same boyfriend for the past 4 years. Overall the relationship has been good. He's a great guy, financially stable, patient, good looking, kind, respectful, etc. ... (6 replies)
... Please if anyone has good advice or information about seeing a couples counselor, and if they have any idea how much it could cost, please help.. ... (21 replies)
... Like I said in a previous post, my husband and his ex have been good friends for a long time. She had just moved from the midwest when they met. They hit it off as friends very well. ... (51 replies)
... As for hte jobs if you think any of her friends or family would give you the info turn to them and ask or find a mutual freind and get them to find out for you. ... (25 replies)
... Ill start with a little background info. If anyone recognizes my name, I have posted many times about my current relationship and my boyfriends behaviours that bother me. ... (11 replies)
... Just to clear up some confusion here, you're "being romantic" with someone who is NOT your boyfriend, someone who slips notes to other women and still carries his ex girlfriend's house key? ... (19 replies)
... n when we were just friends, I trusted him so much. Than, things went awry he turned out to have alot of problems, and I moved back to school, so I broke it off with him, trying to still be friends. He was supposedly really upset about it , we were SOOOOOOOOOOO close. ... (11 replies)
Call from an Ex
Apr 16, 2005
... I don't know why so many women find it hard to be truly supportive to other women. I'm sorry some of your friends choose to see you as a threat to their relationship rather than just a nice young lady. ... (217 replies)
... I have sort of hit a brick wall when it comes to men I just cannot get close to anyone because i have too many barriars up. My friends and family think I don't have a boyfriend because I am too picky but its because I am scared of history repeating itself.... ... (4 replies)
Need help :( :(
Apr 16, 2003
... For the most part, I agree with the good advice others have given you here. ... (10 replies)
Stubborn Boyfriend
Oct 29, 2013
... I'm in serious need to rant and get advice on how to deal with a stubborn boyfriend. It is somehow complicated to start with. We are both artists that work away from our home countries. ... (5 replies)
... You are right and I never gave myself time for myself after the bad breakup I had with the bf I spent 7 years with. I started dating my current boyfriend only 2 months after this nasty breakup. I was feeling low and depressed and I was NOT ready for a relationship, but I pushed it. ... (26 replies)
... I recently quite my really good paying research position to finish school. ... (2 replies)

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