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... I am so happy for you! :D I hope being separated from him will get you back to being the outgoing bubbly you that you mentioned. I have only had very limited contact with my BPD 'friend' since our project finished it's first major phase and I have already started sleeping better and putting some weight back on - not that I want the weight back, lol (in fact I joke with... (48 replies)
... These are excellent books on the subject if you care to read, it may clear your mind of what MAY be happening!! (48 replies)
... I would actually disagree that he cries to manipulate you. I believe his tears are real. He's hurt, upset, etc. etc. People with BPD feel emotions very strongly and it isn't a manipulation. What it is though, is all about them. They aren't tears for you, they're for him. In fact, he could well soon turn those tears into anger at how you've 'hurt him' (you've made him cry,... (48 replies)

... He "cries" to manipulate you into feeling sorry for him, and the focus is on his tears instead of on what he's done to you to make you need to leave him. And it works great, doesn't it? Instead of being angry about the treatment he's given you, you now feel guilty about making him cry!! Please try to see this for what it is. PS: And I don't buy for one second that his... (48 replies)
... You need to think of yourself. Locked out of your own home so he can snoop through your personal stuff to see if you've been cheating?!!!! :mad: What will he resort to next? Is there any way you can take your personal stuff and leave now? As you've seen, this cycle of abuse and manipulation is never ending, it will not get better and most likely will only get worse. ... (48 replies)
... it's not really a change of heart, it's more manipulation....aww he's sad, and it's just zero to 60 next time he SNAPS and starts raging. you should know this! please read the book co-dependent no helped me tremendously....I'm co-dependent and struggling with it....I'm getting better though.... you're co-dependent too....stop putting his needs above your own (48 replies)
... I admit, I let this relationship completely take control of me... maybe I do need to be needed... or maybe I just can't say no when someone needs my help. I thought that made me a good person, but now I just feel.. weak... stupid.. taken advantage of. He's now sending me links about people with BPD and how they feel... I understand. I've read about it. But I need to... (48 replies)
... I hope you've figured out this answer by you help him one more time? ABSOLUTELY NOT.....with BPD people there is never ONE more time....give them an inch, they take a mile. walk away've gotten this far, made the decision.....move forward. Of course he wants to talk now, they always do when they think they're losing's manipulation, pure and... (48 replies)
... I'm worried for you, sometimes people snap when they are being left and you've been under his control for a while. Are you ok? (48 replies)
... Okay, so.. today I got home.. and the front door was bolted. I was upset because.. I mean, I was locked out of my own home. I thought it was kind of suspicious, but he kept saying that it was an accident. Later, he tells me that he bolted it because he was about to go look through my laptop.. to look for traces of me communicating or cheating with another man. Seriously?! ... (48 replies)
... I agree, these people don't see the need to change (if they're not diagnosable) because so far, it's gotten them what they want in life. After all, they have a GF/BF/spouse who, instead of running for the hills, is trying to find out ways to "deal" with them, or trying to find the magic formula that will stop them from whatever hurtful behaviors they are doing, or trying to... (48 replies)
... della, how do you deal with seeing him? I start to feel pretty strong between times when I have to see him. But then it is definitely a one step forward, two steps back kind of feeling..... I struggle to maintain my peace when I have to be around him. Do you have any tips? (48 replies)
... Hon, you have to get out. You sound like a wonderful person and fully of life. It isn't too late for you to get back what you lost. Realize you lose yourself with people like this. When I left my ex I caught myself saying negative things about people, just random people in the mall, on tv, whatever. I thought "this isn't me, what's going on?" and I realized that I was... (48 replies)
... if you educate yourself on the subject and live thru the experience of being with someone with BPD, you can become very adept at recognizing them. You don't need a PHD and you don't have to be a rocket scientist. (48 replies)
... That's true that people do get caught up in labels and use labels to predict and explain behavior, especially in this culture where the majority of people have some three-lettered acronym syndrome. I was under the impression that this guy had been diagnosed as having BPD, though maybe I missed something (48 replies)
... Yeah thanks truth be told, you're more interesting than my abnormal psych professor. (48 replies)
... "Walking on eggshells". That's EXACTLY what I was telling my friends I was doing around him way back last August. Every move was based on how I thought he might react. Would it annoy him? Will he like this? What would he want me to do? I get so annoyed with myself just thinking about how scared I was. And the best part? He told me he couldn't stand how timid I'd become. Said... (48 replies)
... Don't sign the lease. As Fernee says, you should get out. I will write more about this tonight when I return from work. (48 replies)
... Get out, I wish someone would of encouraged me. I knew it was all bad things that were happening and I did not deserve any of them even though everything was always my fault. It will not get any better. You are already losing yourself. I walked "on eggshells" always trying to watch what I said, how I said it, dont be too hyper, dont be too sad. Dont be pushy but if I... (48 replies)
... I just got out of a 20 year marriage in December from someone who is BPD and bipolar and it only got worse. This man made me feel like crap. He became physically abusive too and to this day I am still scared of him. He left me feeling depressed and all alone all the time and whenever I tried to talk about my feelings or my needs I was told I was selfish. It was all... (48 replies)

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