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... Redneon, I'm glad to hear that you found the post helpful. Thanks for the kind words. I just want to add that there is no need to beat yourself up over staying too long in a toxic relationship. I don't think of that mistake as pathetic but, rather, as an understandable -- even predictable -- result of our upbringings. In my case, I simply grew up too quickly, trying to... (48 replies)
... Outstanding post. It's very educational. Funny how only six months of bliss can keep someone tied to someone else for YEARS! Like, they believe somehow, some way, that magical six months will come back and become forever. Until they wake up one day and realize they've been waiting longer than the good times lasted for the good times to come back! For me, the bliss came... (48 replies)
... This is a year and a half old thread, so it's unlikely you will get a response from the original poster. But perhaps someone else can help you. (7 replies)

... I can SO relate to how you feel! Are you still with this person? (7 replies)
... If a person with BPD wants to change and embrace the disorder then anything is possible. The problem is most people with BPD will never get diagnosed as they do not believe anything is wrong with their thought process namely because it is all they know. Unfortunately for a lot of people they come to realize their ill thinking when they hit rock bottom as when is everything... (7 replies)
... Well sweetie he isn't the sick one you are. He knows what is wrong with him and he is quite happy to have company in his world. Even psychiatric units never admit more than a couple of borderlines because they will sabotage everyones treatment and the whole ward will suffer. There is a cure but you seem to like right where you are...there must be a payoff for you to stay... (7 replies)
... loving ,caring, and interested in knowing more about the emotional health of your loved ones. You are both walking on eggshells. Caught up in this nightmare of borderline personality disorder. ... (64 replies)
... I am the one who recommended you leave him alone for a while. He has to learn to sink or swim. ... (64 replies)
... her feet, gives her sponge baths, buys her what she asks for etc. She has become her daughters servant and when she is not giving her the attention she wants she has an "attack" and screams things like "you don't know what I have been through". ... (5 replies)
... About sister in law... she's the mother of my two nieces I keep talking about.. she also has a ten year old son. All three children are spoiled rotten, and not in a good way. ... (64 replies)
... I couldn't agree more with Sophia's assessment, particularly in light of your most recent thread and how he has repeated the same selfish, hurtful behavior that he seems to have demonstrated all too frequently. ... (12 replies)
... Since you are aware of yourself being borderline, does it help you control the borderline behavior? ... (64 replies)
... things I was reading says they like to keep something close to remind them of loved ones when they're not around, so they don't "forget" and feel abandoned. He has a picture of his mom on his headboard. I guess that's why. Oh and you will love this. The counsellor told him "we" have communication problems. ... (64 replies)
... pid mistakes for this guy, my ex. I met him about a year after my husband left, and fell for him almost instantly, I don't know why, he is not good looking, and has made tons of mistakes in his 29 yrs. ... (3 replies)
... things I read in the walking on eggshells book. We aren't suppossed to take borderline behavior personally..... ... (64 replies)
... Since you are aware of yourself being borderline, does it help you control the borderline behavior? ... (64 replies)
... While he may be a 'bum', he at least has common sense and seems to really want to find a nice woman to build a life with. He's commented that I hardly seem like the type to cheat, etc. ... (64 replies)
... Yes, they certainly do sound identical. If it weren't for the age difference, I would think we were talking about the same man. We probably do have enough sense to talk around the bs they give us, but unfortunately it seems to get us nowhere. There is nothing wrong in your communication that I can see, just as I doubt you have trouble comprehending anything I'm saying. I,... (64 replies)
... and has continued. ... (1 replies)
Brief update
Feb 6, 2007
... you will be ok. Right now I am happily single. I was married for 10 years, and have been divorced for 10 years. My last boyfriend lasted about a year.... ... (20 replies)

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