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... Do you think he has a drug problem? ... (64 replies)
... There has been no response of any sort to my letter, which may have arrived Saturday or yesterday at the latest. ... (64 replies)
... d talk to my mom about every day things without those turning into a dispute. Don't get me wrong...I still missed my husband. I just didn't miss the abuse. He has no concept of how much more difficult he made it for himself in that regard. ... (64 replies)

... please try and find these books that Scared Wife has recommended to you. What you are describing is typical behavior of a borderline that has either not been diagnosed or is not in treatment. If he won't seek help, and you still want to stay with him, then you can seek help for yourself. ... (18 replies)
... My bf alredy acknowledges he has mild OCD and he's on Paxil for anxiety/mild depression. Yesterday I encountered a BPD website and most of the symptoms my bf has: tumultuous/dependant relationships with people close to him, being able to switch on/off feelings of anger, always feeling abondoned and nobody loving him, and the slightest things truly hurt him to the point where... (18 replies)
... he also sounds like he has BPD, borderline personality disorder. I had a BF like that for a year, and that was all I could take..... ... (14 replies)
... It was also extremely hot out and he was cranky as was everyone else there, very crowded and horrible. He has since apologized for wanting to even go there because we should have known it would be a mess. ... (15 replies)
... polar. I'd bet money that he has one or the other. You can't stay in an abusive relationship, you need to find a way to get out. ... (16 replies)
... please do some research on borderline personality disorder. It sounds like your boyfriend has it, and trust me, it's nothing you want anything to do with. leave this guy behind and move deserve so much better. ... (9 replies)
... This relationship is not borderline abusive, it is abusive. Just because he has never actually struck you does not mean that he won't. I hate to see a strong beautiful young woman like you in so deep. I KNOW it's hard. ... (17 replies)
... He's not going to change. I'm wondering if he has borderline personality disorder. ... (10 replies)
... I hate it that you are hurting. You said he has the final papers, did you mean for divorce or legal separation? ... (64 replies)
... It's good that Larry has limits and they work with you guys. I guess thats kinda what we do now without trying. When he acts up, he leaves, or I ask him to leave. ... (64 replies)
... Yikes Nakita - you REALLY answered my question! I hope I didn't open up a wound. Your mom sounds like she's in denial, big time. She doesn't want to be wrong about her diagnosis and she looks at it as a blemish on her record as a mom if she admits you have BPD. I'm sorry your mom hasn't been much of a support system at all to you. It's too bad (and ironic) that being a... (64 replies)
... Sorry to hear that your husband isn't very social. Do you think he has agoraphobia? ... (64 replies)
... something that you don't have to think real hard at......but you can still see results, so you feel like you accomplished something! So for 2 years your husband has been helping his unemployed friend? ... (64 replies)
... ad you sent the letter and I hope he will read it and it will sink in, although I'm hoping for a lot. I know. But you did your part, that's all you can do. He has to do his part. Mine hasn't signed on to the IM, but I know he's on line because I have another way to look him up. I guess he took me off his IM. ... (64 replies)
... What all has been going on with you? ... (64 replies)
... boy do they sound similar. I think mine knows that I can talk circles around him and he doesn't have the skills to defend himself. I've told him I think he has a comprehension problem because what I say and what he thinks I said are different a majority of the time. ... (64 replies)
... scaredwife - yeah my BP has complained about going to counselling, why is he spending all this money, blah blah blah, yeah a $20 copayment.....all this money...., but the flying lessons made me laugh......mine flies remote control planes and those aren't cheap either. I think people with BP constantly try to bluff, and if you call their bluff, they are thrown for a loop. ... (64 replies)

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