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... e isn't the cleanest house in the world either. There is just a lot of clutter in the house.. they like to save things rather then throw them away. But as for my boyfriend specifically.... ... (18 replies)
... I have a problem..I have a great guy who loves me a lot.. but he recently told me something he was very afraid to tell me. He said that he has very very poor hygiene... Of course, i've noticed this to some degree but I don't live with him, so I never knew it was to the extent that it is. ... (18 replies)
... Poor hygiene can also be caused from mild to serious depression and inbetween. ... (18 replies)

... But I think that's just another way for him to justify it. At this time i dont care who else has bad hygiene... and whoever does should change just as he should... ... (18 replies)
... bout how he is sick with a cold right now, and I just got over a cold.. so I think I gave it to him. But he said something like "I'm sure I wouldnt be sick if my hygiene wasnt so horrible". But then when I asked about it, he didnt want to tell me the specifics. He was scared that it could end our relationship. ... (18 replies)
... Hey all. Thanks for all the responses. I havent spoken to him since he told me about his hygiene, because he just told me last night. I agree with LittleRose1982... It seems that this is something that he does not have very much of a desire to change. Basically, he wouldnt even really consider changing it if it wasn't something that other people wouldnt approve of. But the... (18 replies)
... Personally, I've never heard of anything like this. It's like when I was in elementary school and there is this one person that ALWAYS smells and has a nasty nose and the like. This is what comes to mind when I read this and for a grown man, this is absolutely unacceptable in my opinion. ... (18 replies)
... If not, perhaps he has a mother or sister you could confide in and tell them you're worried about his strange behavior? ... (18 replies)
... ggests that on some level, he knows this. The immune system thing it seems is just an excuse he uses to justify his unclean behavior. It's hard to say whether he has some sort of reverse OCD or other disorder, or if he's just lazy. ... (18 replies)
... You need to discuss this further with him next time you talk to him. Tell him that everyone has bad habits and that you'd like to help him get into some more healthy ones. See if he's at all open to the idea. ... (18 replies)
... his problem has got to have a very negative impact on his social life. If you care about him, please suggest that he seek therapy and offer to support him... ... (18 replies)
... hi have you thought that maybe that was how he was raised and what he told bout his hygein? i mean if so then he is used to not being to clean....maybe its soemthing to look in to (18 replies)
... My ex was like this and I reformed him! It can be done! You just have to have patience and a strong stomach. (18 replies)
... He said he goes DAYS in between showers and washing his hands. (18 replies)
... oh and also... i have been intimate with him, but i never noticed any bad smell or anything of that sort... (18 replies)
... I have a friend whose ex-husband would go days without showering or washing his hair. She got pretty turned off by physical intimacy with him to be honest.... :angel: (18 replies)
... Yeah, but it doesn't sound like he wants to change! He says he does it to strengthen his immune system! I think if the guy wanted to change, he would make an effort to hide his lack of hygeine rather than confessing to her that this is his lifestyle. I don't know if he'd LET her clean for him! lookingforadvice, how is your relationship otherwise? How long have you been... (18 replies)
... you love your bf? if so dont dump him.......take action.....for example go to his house and clean.....wash the sheets. throw his toothbrush him a new one. wash his clothes.....if yall are going out to eat meet him at his house and make sure he washes. yea you are doing a lot but if he knows you love him then he will understand. adn you... (18 replies)
... Doesn't he smell horrible? OMG, the germs that must be on his hands...don't let him give you any food...that is gross! That isn't even normal. He needs help. I can't stand dirty people. I would drop him fast. (18 replies)
... IBYAD guy has a good heart, and ex has a good heart, and how dare I run them down or say anything at all negative about them. blah blah blah. ... (96 replies)

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