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... Update: We made plans for tonight. He came over & then told me while on his way over he made other plans with his friends for later on. Basically he wanted to come by for an hour or two & then leave to be with friends. This is not ok. I told him this. He started going on about how I am controlling. I never said he couldn't hang out with his friends, I ENCOURAGE him to do so... (30 replies)
... Your boyfriend is being abusive to you. ... (30 replies)
... I wrote before about my boyfriend of 5 years. We broke up for a couple weeks, he took a girl from work on a date. Now he says he wants to work things out with me. ... (30 replies)

... She" text messaged him while I was there. Apparently she told another guy at work that she was going home to sit in her hot tub, he told my boyfriend this. ... (30 replies)
... caring today. He held my hand. Was being flirty, kissing me etc. It was like I had my old boyfriend back. The sweet, caring, loyal, attentive guy that I love so much. ... (30 replies)
... So he doesn't want to tell her you are back together in case you don't work out, then he can date her. So he wants to keep her as a backup? And that sure doesn't sound like he has much faith in his feelings for you if he has a backup all picked out & lined up. I would be less concerned about the circumstances of their one date and more concerned with his desire to keep a... (30 replies)
... In regards to him ruining my friendships. It was really only two people (a couple), he worked with the guy, I worked with the girl (we set them up). They were dating for awhile & he said some things to the guy that the girl told me in confidence. It turned into a big mess. There were comments coming from all angles. He did at one point say some not so nice things about the... (30 replies)
... I'd be cold with him give him a taste of his own medicine, you are worth better than wasting your time hoping he will tell this girl you and he are back together. ... (30 replies)
... to me like I am some clingy stalker that won't go away. He made these plans, he called me.... He told me he wanted to be with me last night, now I am getting the cold shoulder. My stomach is in knots. I don't know what to do anymore..... I want to believe him, I want to trust that he isn't going to screw with me. ... (30 replies)
... Sooo... He just called me now. Telling me how much he loves me & doesn't want to break up. He asked me to go for lunch with him tomorrow. Heres the thing, he has court tomorrow at 9am (traffic court). I said I would go to lunch with him around 11. 11 is no good for him. At first he says he has to go downtown and pick up some car part for a friend. THEN he changes his story to... (30 replies)
... I'm no fortune teller but I don't see this ending well. I predict that you will get your heart broken if you stay with this guy. There's too many lies and half-truths by him for it to work out. Stay with him if you feel that you must, but realize that you're heading for some major heartbreak if you do so. (30 replies)
... Ok, if you say so...just remember, you know who he is, he's gone out of his way to tell you very clearly who he is, with his actions and deeds, as well as his inactions. You can't really be mad at him down the road if it turns out he didn't end it with this girl, or that he started it up again with her or someone else, because he's already told you that's who he is, and it was... (30 replies)
... My main concern isn't eve with this other girl at all. It's the fact that you said you lost most of your friends because of him, because he badmouthed them in such a way that he knew would get back to them. He has deliberately isolated you, played with your head and heart, has admitted to you that he wants to keep this other girl around just in case it doesn't work out with... (30 replies)
... Thanks for the compliments Kszan! I just got tired of it. He showed that he either didn't care enough to stop what he was doing, or just didn't think I had enough gumption to stand up for myself. He thought wrong! Didn't matter why he did it. He did and I didn't like it and I knew the only thing I could change was the way I dealt with it. And I chose to not deal with... (30 replies)
... I'm not a guy but even I know it doesn't take a guy over a half hour to shave. Not even if he's as hairy as bigfoot! I think it's a fair assumption that he was with her, that's why he's late, and for all you know he's still with her right now and that's why he's blowing you off. Are you going to keep letting him treat you this way? Or are you going to take back your power... (30 replies)
... Oh, and did you tell him that lunch was his idea, and he was the one who wanted to go later and kept pushing the time back? Because if you didn't say anything, why? So as to not make him mad enough to refuse to meet with you, or because you were afraid of making him mad at all? You have the right to stand up for yourself, don't take his guff! (30 replies)
... He's throwing you little scraps so you'll keep seeing him and (I presume, correct me if I'm wrong) keep sleeping with him. He has guaranteed things from you that he probably hasn't gotten from her yet. And yes, he's trying to get you to break up with him so he doesn't have to do the dirty work. Have you ever thought that he might be getting revenge on you for breaking... (30 replies)
... I'm sorry, but when I truly love someone I don't even have any interest at ALL in anyone else. I do not think "well, if I wasn't with my guy I'd sure like to be with him!". It just doesn't enter my mind. And if it did, I'd know that it was the beginning of the end with me & my guy. He's already told you he wants to be with you & that he's "ended" it with her. So what... (30 replies)
... Sometimes I wonder if I am the backup... Maybe he wants to see where things go with her & if it fails he knows his good ol' reliable girlfriend will be there waiting. The thing is he will deny that he is keeping her around as a "just in case", but on one occasion he admitted that thats what is was. He will say things like "thats not what I meant" or "thats not what it is",... (30 replies)
... Am I being crazy though? It was 1 date, while we were broken up. 1 coffee, 1 kiss on the cheek. If he was really cheating, wouldn't he lie? Tell me he told her about us. Tell me he doesn't talk to her anymore. Like today for instance, he has the day off to go to court. He could have lied, said he was going to work & spent time with her. Instead he told me the truth & invited... (30 replies)

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