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... e isn't the cleanest house in the world either. There is just a lot of clutter in the house.. they like to save things rather then throw them away. But as for my boyfriend specifically.... ... (18 replies)
... Thanks for all the input everybody. Well, it seems that he wouldnt have much desire at all to change if it weren't for me being bothered by it. Other people don't know that he does this. I did talk to him today and he said that he would try really hard to change because it bothers me. I guess at this point only time will tell. But I do know that i'm not willing to just drop... (18 replies)
... bout how he is sick with a cold right now, and I just got over a cold.. so I think I gave it to him. But he said something like "I'm sure I wouldnt be sick if my hygiene wasnt so horrible". But then when I asked about it, he didnt want to tell me the specifics. He was scared that it could end our relationship. ... (18 replies)

... Poor hygiene can also be caused from mild to serious depression and inbetween. ... (18 replies)
... Hey all. Thanks for all the responses. I havent spoken to him since he told me about his hygiene, because he just told me last night. I agree with LittleRose1982... It seems that this is something that he does not have very much of a desire to change. Basically, he wouldnt even really consider changing it if it wasn't something that other people wouldnt approve of. But the... (18 replies)
... I have a problem..I have a great guy who loves me a lot.. but he recently told me something he was very afraid to tell me. He said that he has very very poor hygiene... Of course, i've noticed this to some degree but I don't live with him, so I never knew it was to the extent that it is. He told me that he goes days without showering, years without changing his toothbrush,... (18 replies)
... to pay for vet bills, but food, that's a more gray area. I agree if you buy your food, he buys his, he buys his shaving cream, toothpaste, you buy your feminine hygiene stuff and things like your favorite coffee or your night cream, and you keep those expenses separate, then keeping the cat food might be kept separate as well. ... (24 replies)
... Ah, you heard me. I'm 16 and boyfriendless. Nothing that I'm not used to... I've never had one. Then again, there's the problem with all the boys in my school. They're freaking RETARDS!! D: Like, they all have the IQ of a doorknob, and the ones who are actually decent are taken! There's 1 boy that I've liked since 8th grade (in tenth now) and this is another one of my... (3 replies)
... Understandably, if your boyfriend has a history of suicidal ideation or gestures, his Mother is validly concerned about him and his lifestyle. ... (7 replies)
... I knew someone can get arrested if they threaten suicide but can he still even though he was 16 at the time? I don't know much about this and I am glad you filled me in a bit. To me as I see it if this is something from the past like at the age of 16 there can't be much she can do unless courts decided that she has primary care and decision making until a doctor clears him... (7 replies)
... So much loving pain in one post! If you love him, then surely you respect him. If you respect him, then why can't you respect his ability to decide for himself whether he wants to hang out with you, or with someone else? Obviously he has chosen to be with you, and to show some real commitment to you! Maybe he just happens to be more than merely in love with you -... (12 replies)
... pain on a daily basis so I can relate. I just hate to see someone so young go through this. I think Sera is absolutely right. I think your boyfriend is there because he wants to be. ... (12 replies)
Sick of dad :(
Aug 6, 2009
... Wow, that's amazing how many people replied! I hope I may be able to also help anyone else who reads this, and can ask questions of their own. More details - when I wrote this thread it was a very bad day. My father is a very sweet, kind man. He has never lost his temper like some, never thrown things like some have mentioned that have replied to me. He has never raised a... (12 replies)
... Well, at the risk of sounding too judgmental, EEEEWWWWWWWWW!!! Gross!! That's one thing I simply can't abide, either, poor hygiene habits. I sure don't blame you for that being an issue for you. Mr. ... (96 replies)
... I thought I am the only one who has a problem with my bf' s obsession with having a black kitten. Just last night I was asking him if his cut hurt and he said "no it's only like a cat's bite"! I thought you had cat bites and you are still mad about getting one??? Then he bought me a lovely keyring with a black kitten engraved on it :D You are right to refuse to spend the... (129 replies)
... hi have you thought that maybe that was how he was raised and what he told bout his hygein? i mean if so then he is used to not being to clean....maybe its soemthing to look in to (18 replies)
... My ex was like this and I reformed him! It can be done! You just have to have patience and a strong stomach. (18 replies)
... Personally, I've never heard of anything like this. It's like when I was in elementary school and there is this one person that ALWAYS smells and has a nasty nose and the like. This is what comes to mind when I read this and for a grown man, this is absolutely unacceptable in my opinion. It really sounds like an excuse of some sort. I don't see how you don't smell him... (18 replies)
... He said he goes DAYS in between showers and washing his hands. (18 replies)
... I'm surprised. If he DID smell, you probably wouldn't be as patient. Are you familiar with his parents or whoever raised him? Are they slobs, too? Did he learn it from them? If they're not like him, do they know how he lives? Have they spoken to him about it? If not, perhaps he has a mother or sister you could confide in and tell them you're worried about his... (18 replies)

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