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... F is asking for things that no one can really give all the time. It would be smothering. It sounds like she is very insecure and unless you want a life with someone who will possibly never give you your space I would run for the hills! ... (16 replies)
... Hi Everyone, Thank you all for your replies. So your all saying he is not a commitment phobic then? Keeping in mind that he had me around him and his family (something he has never done before) when his dad passed away.. and he had me sit with him at some traditional prayers along with his mum and brother.. infront of his whole family at his dad's memorial. He has told... (6 replies)
Insecure. Yay....
Aug 13, 2008
... I understand how you feel with this. I, too, have been struggling with insecurity and low self-esteem in my relationship lately. This is why trust in a relationship is so important. If you trust your partner, then you have to find out why you feel suspicious of them, and most often I think it leads you back to your own insecurity. Insecurity can be overcome, although it is not... (13 replies)

Insecure. Yay....
Aug 12, 2008
... Do you grasp what trust is? Trust is you evaluating his character that is determined by his values, principles, beliefs, and standards - in his actions, decisions, and words - over a long period of time. So trust isn't whatyou give someone becuase you've slept with them, given them a title of "boyfriend" or wahtever. Trust is what you give - as you evaluate over time... (13 replies)
Am I insecure?
Jun 18, 2008
... Thanks for the replies but I am not totally sure she has done anything yet. I know ten months or so isn't a long time but I love her and I want this to work out and I have to know for sure if anything is going on. I want to get a simcard reader, (stalker-ish i know) but im not sure I will. I almost want to post the conversations she has had with this guy to get a second... (10 replies)
Am I insecure?
Jun 18, 2008
... Iím actually going through the same thing right now with my boyfriend. We are living together and he has yet to cut the cord with his ex gf. Itís a horrible feeling not knowing whatís really going on and if their tampering with your heart or being honest with you. I see her texts and phone calls to his cell (She never calls the house) and he doesnít tell me when they talk... (10 replies)
... That wasn't my meaning at all, I actually wrote: ...but he *may* have said to her looking at another woman, "now that is a good looking body". Meaning, he may have actually vocalized his opinion of another woman in front of his girlfriend thereby making her question his opinion of her body. And, yeah, of course I look at other guys but I have the sensitivity to not... (22 replies)
... ((hugs)) I'm sorry it hurts like this, I've been there, and it's just going to hurt for a while. But one thing that helped me is, I wrote out two lists, one of all the things I loved about him and the relationship, all the wonderful, special little things that I would miss, and then another list of all the things that were negative about him and the relationship, all the... (12 replies)
... this girl sounds exactly like my best friend from back in the day. putting on an act like she's so happy and secure in her place in the group, but really she's just miserable, lonely and completely insecure. the best way to deal with a situation like the one where she called you a feral pig would be to laugh about it and agree with her. next time say something like, "i... (18 replies)
... I'm lucky that I have someone who accepts me the way I am. Talk to your boyfriend and family and explain that harping on you because of your weight is hurting your feelings. ... (3 replies)
... i already had a kid. I hate shopping now because nothing fits me liek it use to. I want to lose weight for myself not for them but my entire faimly including my boyfriend tells me i need to lose weight. Im so frustrated. Now i just dont know how to deal.. I dont feel pretty any more.. ... (3 replies)
... im def not pregnant,...what a relief that was. but i know he didnt do anything with the condoms b/c they are at my house and i put it on. i thoiught i left space at the tip. He said, "does something feel diff to you??" I wasnt sure what he meant. But after i got off of him, i fig it out. well he's supposed to come over tonight when i call him, but i think im going to... (25 replies)
... this guy needs to BEGONE out of your life.....I'm wondering if he has BPD, borderline personality disorder. I'm starting to see some familiar traits to my last boyfriend who has BPD. Please don't waste another minute with this guy, and I'm hoping and praying you're not pregnant. He could be trying just as a way to control you. ... (25 replies)
... Because you were trying to be responsible about not getting pregnant he thought you were blaming him? My God! :rolleyes: I'm sorry Nonni_Diva, but the more you say about him the more I think you need to get away from him. You have a feeling he may have been trying to get you pregnant on purpose. That is NOT a good sign or a good way to feel about someone you are in a... (25 replies)
... at came to dinner that night was the friend of her's that she set my husband up with and her husband. They were all just nice people and there was nothing to be insecure with. She now lives about 2 hours away from us. We all get together about once a month and spend the night at eachother's home. ... (51 replies)
... the more comfortable you will feel around her, and perhaps you will see that maybe their relationship is definitely just a friendship and nothing for you to feel insecure about. ... (51 replies)
Super insecure!!!
Dec 21, 2007
... re you I would go to counselling if you are this untrusting. We have all been hurt in the past, I have been cheated on, one of my best freinds even slept with a boyfriend in the past, BUT, I dno't use that as a reason to not trust my current husband. ... (13 replies)
... p the fun times to be in an adult relationship. But I guess what it comes down to is that he doesn't think that you doing promotions are fun... for him. And he's insecure that your version of fun is getting paid to wear cleavage shirts and have guys looking at you when he's not around. You just don't agree on what's fun. ... (5 replies)
... Bottom line is that he's insecure and immature and you don't need him telling you how to live your life. Dump him. ... (5 replies)
... Ok, I'm chiming in very very late on this one, but I just had to toss in my little 2 cents.... I'm a bit confused. He has admitted to an "addiction" to porn and lust and dirty pictures, he demeaned and insulted a female friend by asking her to take her top off, take pictures of her naked breasts and send them to him, then he says he would have lost respect for her if she... (35 replies)

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