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... Hey, i can say i can somewhat relate but not about only about the snooping. with me it's because i'm i'm insecure about myself, i think. ... (35 replies)
... Layla - we've actually been on a trip together already. And honestly, he's the one who's always looking to the future. He's mentioned the words "kids," "engagement" and "the future" many times. We've been together just under one year. So I need to get over my own insecurities because he's clearly not the one making me feel insecure - it's me. I have thought about all the... (20 replies)
... No probs hon! The thing is, and I hope I dont offend you in saying this, but as I said I have a broken engagement behind me, and I know if I were to be with a man, (no matter how much I loved him) who kept on picking over the details of my past and obsessing over who left who and what went wrong and oh God help him because I actually once loved another man enough to agree to... (20 replies)

... He keeps telling me that he loves me more than I love him so he may be insecure about me. He is more open compared to myself as I am used to keeping all my feelings inside. ... (15 replies)
... This is a beautiful story. It hasn't happened to me in many years now. :) I mean being deeply in love for the first time. First time? I can't say anything about this girl, although she seems to be somewhat volatile and maybe insecure. But you, you are the prototype of a Romantic! Something I didn't get: are you living in the same town/city as her? If so, do you get to... (109 replies)
... t your distance for awhile now. You can't blame him for wanting to see you over the weekend, watching you get the text from your ex, then feeling upset. He's not insecure so much about your ex....the text just added to the bad vibes you have already been giving him. ... (31 replies)
... lled him. Anyways, I realize that this is something I'm just going to have to accept if I want to make our relationship work. It's just so tough because I do get insecure about this, especially because they were so close as friends before they dated and now still remain close. ... (16 replies)
... You sound exactly like me!! Wow... it's the same thing I went through... TWICE!!! Two ex's. He had a tendency to remain friends with people who have stabbed him in the back... which I couldn't understand one bit. When I realized he was talking everyday online to an ex girlfriend I got upset, especially after I read what he had been writing... but that's another story. ... (16 replies)
... y overweight but over the course of our relationship he really has packed on the pounds. This has affected our relationship in that I know that he feels somewhat insecure about it. For instance, he has never taken off his shirt when we are intimate. ... (21 replies)
... Just a few possible reasons I thought of off the top of my head: -Because people in general who fish for compliments are annoying and needy. -You look good, you know it, you like to show off every chance you get, you use it to your advantage and he doesn't think he needs to spell it out for you all the time. -He's already got you anyway. -He can get other women so... (16 replies)
... So, i've been with my guy for over a year now. We're in love with & most things in our relationship are great...but here's the thing...he's a very very good looking guy. He is somewhat confident and spends a lot of time in the mirror. i swear it takes him longer to get ready then it does me...and i'm picky about my appearance. I am always complimenting him about his looks and... (16 replies)
... wow. i am sorry. what a (for lack of a better word) LAME woman. she is probably just jealous, insecure, and mean. i am sorry that you had to hear that she said these things. it is good that your bf told her what he thought but if i were you i'd prefer that he added a few choice words as well as "i dont care to hear your opinion" to her and "dont you ever say anything... (11 replies)
... Insecurity is one thing, not wanting someone around that slept with your boyfriend just a few months ago is another thing... ... (15 replies)
... You already know that this guy will lie to you to keep you. How can you trust him? Can you really trust anything he says about the baby and the mother? Is it true or is he just saying it to keep you? The mother wants him back. It's simple - you're not allowed to the house and she's cozying up to his family. To me, that sounds like you're being nudged out of the picture.... (20 replies)
... Her insecurity may explain how he's able to continue to behave this way, but it doesn't excuse his behavior. The last thing the victim needs is to be blamed. (49 replies)
... Add insecure girl to the mix (49 replies)
... There might be some exceptions, but from my own experience, much older men who want to date you are insecure control freaks who just want to boss you around and just feel like they're demi-gods. I would never, ever again date someone much older than me. Been there, done that. (49 replies)
... someone who allows other women to hang on him call him, etc. eventually, it will wear away your self esteem and turn you into a nagging controlling shrew, or an insecure mess, no matter how secure and strong you start out to be. But why would you want to stay in that kind of situation? ... (14 replies)
... Hi again I tend to agree with Kellis on that one. While we are secure and proud inside, and we know, Hiya, that we are only asking for our natural right to feel special, some men make it feel like we want to control them, and dictate on them what to do. I mean we have a choice of either being possessive or else being mistreated in the name of openness and freedom. Let's... (14 replies)
... starved single women, not enough good single men. But I don't there's anything insecure looking or prudish to expect your man to give you some respect and devotion. ... (14 replies)

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