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... Well, I think this is type of insecurity is usually more of a problem for men, so I'm surprised that you are experiencing this. I think that it can be common nowadays for a successful woman to have problems finding a guy because there aren't many to choose from that are at her career status or have accomplished as much. For example, I make about twice as much money as my BF... (2 replies)
... My boyfriend constantly comments on other women's attractiveness ("wow!", "darn she's hot", "she is attractive" or "she's cute", etc.) from Salma Hayek to regular women crossing the street. He also mentions exes (both girlfriends and wives). I asked that he please stop talking about his past and that if he sees someone attractive that he appreciates it in silence. He's... (19 replies)
... f it doesn't bother you, there's no rule that says you're wrong and it's "supposed" to bother you. I don't think it means that your other female friends are more insecure than you, everyone just has their own tolerence level. ... (3 replies)

... esteem and making you feel insecure and desperate, like you'll be nothing and never happy again without him. ... (7 replies)
... as friends. If a guy can't respect me and trust me enough to let me choose my own friends and not demand to be the only man I talk to, then in my view, he's an insecure control freak and I'm much better off kicking him out the door. ... (65 replies)
... I think it's understandable that you're insecure about your boyfriend going to a strip club to "hang out", but at least he's being honest about it up front and not doing it behind your back. ... (22 replies)
... and in another way I feel that you should wake up and smell the coffee! If this guy is that insecure with you, there is NO WAY this relationship can last. Neither one of you can be happy with him always second guessing every little thing you do and say. ... (11 replies)
Feb 16, 2005
... x via email. But I know for a fact that my husband would also not be okay with me talking to an ex on the net. It is a matter of respect for us. Though Im not an insecure person, and I am confident that he loves me and only me, and vice versa for him, its just not okay. ... (22 replies)
... Hey! I was reading on and realized that I actually got off the subject of insecurity just by citing one instance. I know that it takes time to 'get over' these things, especially when a person is in a good relationship. What I can't figure out is this... When I have these feelings of insecurity, why can't he help me through it instead of going up against me and then an... (12 replies)
... My boyfriend is more understanding of my insecurity because he knows why I am insecure. ... (39 replies)
Boyfriend troubles
Aug 28, 2004
... bith have gotten back together and everything is going great. You need to stop feeling this way so it doesn't interfear with the relationship. you are feeling insecure because of the past break up and you are afraid of it happening again. You cant predict the future and what will happen. ... (2 replies)
... realize that I don't really feel like seeing this person today, I want to spend some time with my friends or alone. It's such a change for the man that he feels insecure and starts to whine and pull the guilt trip. ... (18 replies)
... or for the grandfather to stay in occasional contact. There's no reason for good relationships from the past to die, esp. not because of demands from a jealous, insecure relationship of only a few months. ... (3 replies)
... Hey guys, I'm probably gonna come across as the psycho crazy girlfriend, but I just need some help. So me and my boyfriend have been together just short of a year and he is a an amazing guy, really funny, caring, sweet etc. ... (5 replies)
... Okay so me and my boyfriend have been dating for a year and 4 months now and we see each other every weekend, our relationship is going fantastic. ... (3 replies)
... ch through our relationship. He has been cheated on many times in his past, and his insecurities started to show a few months ago. After our year mark, he became insecure and possessive. He says it started with him getting cheated on, and then continued when we first met. ... (2 replies)
Angry boyfriend :(
May 21, 2011
... I am 23 and have only been seeing my boyfriend of 22 for 3 months. He is an angry man, often having outbursts over the pettiest of things. ... (3 replies)
Sep 10, 2010
... need advice please. been with my current boyfriend a year and 1 month. i have trust issues due to my past. ... (10 replies)
... u are superior. It's cruel, unfair, and extremely unbecomming. Especially when so far, the only thing she is guilty of is showing you a kindness by bringing your boyfriend over to see you, and giving you guys a place to stay together for a night. ... (37 replies)
... What I'm trying to say is that my boyfriend wouldn't have any serious interest in this woman other than an affair, and I don't think he wants an affair with this woman. I think she's closer to 28 or 30. ... (37 replies)

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