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... I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for the past three years. My relationship has been generally wonderful with him. We are each others' "first" and that's what make us too special to one another. ... (8 replies)
... My boyfriend and I have been together for two years now. I'm 19, and he is 18 and about to be a senior in high school. ... (2 replies)
... Hi there, it seems you two have problems with honesty and trust here. I will be concerned if my boyfriend was so insecure and distrustful that he had to look through my facebook account to get information. I would never give my password out to anybody including my own mother. ... (3 replies)

... Ive been with my boyfriend for almost 14 months...and i just feel like things are never ever gna get better. he has the worst anger problem i have ever known anyone to have... ... (9 replies)
... I have been with my boyfriend for about 9 months and we do love eachother. We live 2 and a half hours apart and we do see each other often and talk on the phone daily. ... (5 replies)
... My boyfriend also has some issues. He does suffer from OCD and has been diagnosed as clinically depressed, as have I, both years ago, but we've both gotten over that. ... (16 replies)
... old. Again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Having said all that, like I told you before, just go talk to him and stop with the comparing and criticism and insecure statements. It will not help you any while your attempting to have a mature talk with your boyfriend about what may or may not be going on. Good luck. ... (37 replies)
... I just broke up with my boyfriend not for 1 reason but a variety. ... (5 replies)
... The title states precisely that. A very controlling, insecure, paranoid, abusive, miserable, pot-head boyfriend... that i nearly got rid of. I big part of me is SO MISERABLE and FRUSTRATED I can just cry and scream! I feel so angry for being with him - can you really love somebody that acts so ignorant? Or do you just "love" them out of habit because you have been with their... (15 replies)
... My boyfriend of 5 years subscribes to playboy,It really bothers me. He said they will be worth money one day. Why can't he stop them. It makes me feel insecure. ... (42 replies)
Insecure. Yay....
Aug 12, 2008
... It will be difficult for you, but you really need to commit to changing your outlook on your relationship. Having been cheated on in a past relationship, I too struggled with trust issues at first with my next boyfriend. I have now been dating him for over 3 years, and our relationship is going great because I made the decision to actively change MY insecurities and trust... (13 replies)
... Just because a guy looks at another woman doesn't mean he indirectly telling his girlfriend to "lose weight". That's a very insecure way of thinking IMO. Do you look at other guys? ... (22 replies)
... I think you may have missed the point a bit. The issue isn't me asking him to stop being friends with someone. The issue is that he has made me uncomfortable about his friendship with a particular person and whether or not there's more to that or if I'm simply being insecure. I've said several times on this thread, I'm not bothered by opposite sex/ex friendships. He's made... (51 replies)
... there are a couple of issues with this. The first being that she lives abroad. The second being that she is annoyed by the fact that they're friendship bothers me. This is not the best basis for getting to know someone. My boyfriend tells her pretty much everything I say (hence my problem with this intimacy they share). From what I gather, she's not my biggest fan. (51 replies)
... Just wanted to update everyone on this situation - I actually went to a counselor on this issue a few months ago - I have realized the main reason I was looking in my EX boyfriend's cell phone was that I was actually LOOKING for a reason to leave him. The counselor asked me what would be the only reason I would leave him...I stated "If he cheated on me" and she said "Then why... (35 replies)
... Me and my boyfriend have been together 14 months. ... (5 replies)
... I watched that last night and was apalled. I think people are right -- it isn't going to stop, it will get worse, he's a complete loser. The funny thing about insults is that often the people making them are very insecure. They do this to build themselves up. My first boyfriend did this to me when I was 16 and for some reason I stayed with him for a couple of years... (32 replies)
... If you can't already see what he is doing wrong, then I don't think anything that anyone here says can help you. This relationship is completely wrong, totally unhealthy, and on the road to complete and total heartbreak for you. But you can't even see that because you are in denial. The sooner you realize that what Seraph posted is 100% true, the sooner you will see why... (10 replies)
... I think you have nothing to worry about.But if you feel that strongly about it just tell him you can't except it and that he must drop all communication with her.I'd be willing to bet that he was a very good to friend to her, and she had called him probably to talk to when she was upset about something.A good friend can help you see "the other side" some times that is hard to... (16 replies)
... Hi everyone, I have been with my boyfriend now for a little more than 2 years. An issue that has always bugged me throughout our relationship is that he is still friends with his ex. ... (16 replies)

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