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... Hey there, Sorry to hear you're being lied to :( Can you maybe approach this in a different manner? The whole "look but don't touch" rule is pretty much relevant in most relationships I would assume, but busting his guts about it is only going to make him resentful and create an unhealthy cycle of lies in your relationship. Can you perhaps say to him, you know he looks... (3 replies)
... He's insecure about something that's the reason for his steroid use. ... (2 replies)
... whenever she starts going on and on about herself. People like that are typically very insecure and they feel the need to get approval from everyone to feel validated. Just say, Oh wow, nice, and walk away. ... (4 replies)

... oor innocent girl for all the mistakes that others made in your past. It's not fair to her at all. If I was her friend or her sister I would tell her to dump her boyfriend because unfounded paranoia and suspicion are such a major deal breaker. She is a saint for putting up with it as long as she has. ... (13 replies)
... Ha! I agree with your reply, alot of guys are like that though, she wasn't insecure before he brought it all out in her is what I am getting. I know the feeling I am going through the same thing with my man, I mean besides that he is decent! ... (27 replies)
... Just a little info in my past. I was in a 5 year on and off relationship with my first and only real boyfriend, it's over now, I was just "too much" for him, and the cheating on me didn't help. And my best friend of 5 years and I had some times we would show our true feelings and I thought recently he was the one but he also just stopped talking to me. So here I am, crushed... (5 replies)
... He is VERY VERY insecure with himself. ... (7 replies)
... You have to stop trying to convince a man to do something by giving him an emotional reason for doing so. There's no logical reason that he should stop looking at other women. It's natural for men to look at other women, it's something you have to learn to get over. He's not doing anything that is a problem, the problem is that you're insecure. You need to look within yourself... (27 replies)
... Because if I don't text him, I'm almost 100 percent sure he'll think I don't care. Two really insecure people, that's us. ... (21 replies)
... ot having someone around who thought everything I said and did was silly or wrong or needed correcting. If I had stayed with him, there's no telling how weak and insecure and unsure I'd be today. It DOES wear you down. ... (6 replies)
... Its sounds like he is very insecure and it will only get worse as time goes on. ... (16 replies)
Angry boyfriend
Jul 19, 2011
... Remember, what he did to you is NOT love. He did not hit and abuse you because he loves you so darn much. He did it because he's a mean, insecure man who takes his low self esteem and frustrations in life out on someone he thinks is weaker, and he thinks he has the right to abuse you. ... (27 replies)
Angry boyfriend
Jul 18, 2011
... You are too young to be stuck with this kind of abuse. He may have his own issue or there are triggers. It is his problem. Get out before you waste more time. You may like him a lot now but you will find a better guy someday. Don't stick around for this. He is far too insecure. This is absurd. Leave him before he gets you down further. You are not able to save him. He... (27 replies)
... ays to do, exactly as he says to do it, he will STILL abuse you and call you names. He doesn't want to stop, his goal is to keep being mean to you because he is insecure and has low self esteem. He found someone who he can pick on and feel like he's better than, and he doesn't want to give that up. ... (11 replies)
... written and intelligent. So, you don't have to have a relationship with a mean, nasty, insecure abuser. You can find a wonderful, caring man who appreciates you and treats you like the good person you are. ... (11 replies)
... He sounds like he is insecure about losing you and the only way he can keep you from finding someone better than him is to make you feel bad about yourself. ... (14 replies)
... re he left, he said he wanted to keep it continue, so we've been doing this .. long distance relationship. there were a few troubles while he was away, me being insecure and jealous about him and his female friends. whatever, we talked a lot almost everyday or once in two or three days . ... (3 replies)
... Maybe he is insecure about making money. ... (23 replies)
Sep 14, 2010
... My point is, I KNOW how hard it is to trust. If you eel in your GUT that your boyfriend can be trusted, you need to give him your trust. ... (10 replies)
Sep 12, 2010
... Of course you have trust issues! You have been hurt. In the past. The key word is past. What sort of mental health issues? I would think you have what I call "triggers". You may be overly sensitive to certain issues because you have suffered in the past and probably not with just your boyfriend. What was your father like? I also have triggers and baggage from the past. I made... (10 replies)

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