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... It's pretty simple, your problem isnt your lack of's your lack of taste in the company your keeping. Get rid of the "mean guy", and I think you will very quickly find a huge boost to your self confidence. Either that, or try bashing him back for a change, and see where that leads you. I sure as heck wouldn't sit there and take that though. I used to, and I... (14 replies)
... me, I would just obsess about her doing something that I was not ok with, be it sexually dancing with some guy, going on a date, or acting like she didn't have a boyfriend around new guys or whatever. ... (3 replies)
... Lol, I'm still having a lot of trouble understanding why her picking you up and allowing you guys to stay at her house is such a huge problem? You're seriously hilarious, you just don't make any sense! Why would a person extending that kind of hospitality be a bad thing? I think when you get older and more mature, you'll learn to appreciate when people invite you over to... (37 replies)

... Yeah, you actually don't sound confident, but scared and insecure. You view this woman as a threat, despite your comments about how much "hotter" you are than her. You are frightened your BF might sleep with this woman and it shows. I think you can approach it in a mature way. Don't say "why would you ever want to sleep with her, I'm so much hotter than her!" You can... (37 replies)
... The only mature way to handle conflicts and concerns in a relationship is to talk them out. No one said for you to flat out ask if he's sleeping with the "chubby" older woman! But you can, in a very mature and calm way, just say to him that you've heard things about this woman tending to sleep around and that it seems strange to you that she wants to hang around him. You... (37 replies)
... Yeah I can't say that you're necessarily wrong. I don't want to be alone, I have been alone before. I'm divorced and I lost my last boyfriend to disease. Yup, there are red flags, but I'm starting to feel things for him now and I guess I'm just hoping for it to be the way I want. ... (22 replies)
... Exactly. You've gotten some really great advice here, Don'tknow. I hope you will listen to it. Most of us here have been in your shoes, and we have learned the hard way. I've pulled the "but I can't leave him, I LOVE him" nonsense. I learned the hard way that the reason why I couldn't leave him, took his crap, and thought if I just loved him well and good enough, it would... (23 replies)
... I think many women are insecure so they feel threatened by porn thinking that they have to "measure up" to the women that their guy is looking at when that is not true at all! ... (30 replies)
... You have your weaknesses digmusic and you even mention you relapsed on drugs the other week. Honestly, I think you are too insecure to be in any relationship right now. You need to work on yourself before you can be in a healthy and trusting relationship with another man. ... (30 replies)
... but I have to work my way up to doing that because I don't want to have any insecure thoughts if I do that with him. ... (15 replies)
... d in such a manner...Neither have let go and the only reason they are the so called "best friends" is because if they need a back up they have it there..Both are insecure that is the issue..... ... (6 replies)
... If you've talked this out with him and you continue to act this way you will drive him away. It's not if - but when. Nothing drives someone further away then someone thats on them about everything. The trouble is when you get yourself in this state of mind it's really hard to shake it. What you need to do is put yourself in their shoes and picture what it would be like if... (8 replies)
... nor have i ever been the girlfriend who is suspicious, jealous, and untrusting. I had never gone through anyone's stuff before, but i really felt insecure about this guy. I dont want to continue to worry and look over my shoulder. This is not the person i am or want to be. ... (15 replies)
... feel that my boyfriend of 5 years is cheating on me, but the smallest thing makes my mind race with crazy thoughts. ... (5 replies)
... It sounds sort of ridiculous to me that YOU are in anger management because he accuses you of things you aren't doing, because he refuses to accept that you do love him. That's nuts. The above poster is right. It's not your job to reassure him. A relationship is only as healthy as the unhealthiest person in it, and he has decided to be and stay unhealthy, insecure, with... (2 replies)
... my boyfreind is so insecure that i am constantly trying to prove myself to him and then i get so angry when it doesnt get through how much i love him so i enrolled in anger management to help my end of our problems but last night he called accusing me of things or actually assuming things that arent true and i tried to prove myself again and started to get more angry so how do... (2 replies)
... My main concern isn't eve with this other girl at all. It's the fact that you said you lost most of your friends because of him, because he badmouthed them in such a way that he knew would get back to them. He has deliberately isolated you, played with your head and heart, has admitted to you that he wants to keep this other girl around just in case it doesn't work out with... (30 replies)
... Your boyfriend is disrespectful and you should get away from him. Taking another woman's phone number in front of you shows that he has no respect for you. ... (10 replies)
... I'm sorry, but this example you gave was just plain rude on his part...To take another woman's number in front of you. It's almost like he's trying to act like some type of rico suave around you. I know you said he's outgoing, but can't he tone it down a bit? I think it goes without saying that this type of thing would offend almost any woman, including me. You... (10 replies)
... I think you need to make sure he realizes that you feel insecure by this and see if he changes anything then. I understand how you feel, feeling that he is looking at those women and wishing he was with them... ... (42 replies)

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