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... This is amazing news! ... (65 replies)
... should stop being so hard on yourself. You have not made a mess of things. You've just realized you are married to the wrong man. It happens every single day. It is NOTHING to beat yourself up over. It just means you're human. ... (41 replies)
... as romantic as I think I am, I don't. Two people can love each other, but I don't think that's the magic formula. I think it takes more than that. Being in love is necessary, but I don't think it's sufficient. If that makes sense. ... (30 replies)

Vent vent vent
Aug 7, 2007
... he didnt get back to me. he didnt call me the next day either. late afternnon i sent him a message, telling him i was coming to his gig. i didnt hear from him till right before i got to the gig. ... (38 replies)
... So I just broke up with my boyfriend a week and a half ago. ... (8 replies)
The long road
Jun 30, 2007
... I have just come on to get a lot of my chest, this is how I view it all.... ... (13 replies)
... as. She is everything to me shes the person i think of from when i wake to when i sleep i cant do nothing with out her she my strength shes everything that keeps me going, in my high school she is probley one of the most 10 good looking girls there. ... (7 replies)
Trust issue
Mar 11, 2007
... that you jump too fast. I ran into something like that similar. Except, I was the one that was angry at him. ... (9 replies)
... My boyfriend is like you. He gets frustrated and very angry with me for having mostly male friends. This makes him go insane at times. He has a go at me for being 'naive' and 'stupid' for not realizing that these guys want more than just a friendship which is untrue. ... (21 replies)
... My boyfriend and I keep arguing about really dumb things. I feel like if the problem is that he feels I have to agree with everything he says. ... (7 replies)
... It's only been two months but it seems like my boyfriend and I should be enjoying this time getting to know one another. The fact that we are already fighting is causing me some alarm. I am too nice and extend myself beyond my means to make someone feel comfortable in my home and now he's practically living with me. ... (11 replies)
Jan 1, 2007
... I'm going over to my boyfriend of 3 years's house tomorrow and I'm pretty much sure he's going to break up with me. There's no hard feelings and no "other woman"... ... (7 replies)
... Our relationship for the past 8 months has been miserable on this topic, because of how he handled these situations. For instance, when his friend called me names in the past, his reaction wasn't to tell him he was overstepping his bounds but to let it happen. ... (39 replies)
What do you think?
Sep 30, 2006
... okay...earlier this night my boyfriend recieved a call from his friend who was drunk and needed a ride.... we were hanging out at home... ... (9 replies)
... help group, really started feeling great about myself. I married young, and my husband at the time told me one day, " All this crap you're doing is making you a horrible person." I knew at that point that he did not have my best interest in mind, and wasn't liking the fact that I now stood up for myself. ... (41 replies)
... So, does your girlfriend herself think her butt is too big? ... (25 replies)
Quick whine/rant
Feb 28, 2006
... ting with other people. I got beat up a lot in elementary and junior high school. There was one group of boys, about 6 or 7 of them in my class, who would circle me on the playground and take turns beating me up. And there were other boys who weren't part of that group but who punched or kicked or hit me in some way. ... (92 replies)
... for a while... anyway, just after I suddenly received an invitation to join chat but the email address was under my friend's name. this friend of mine is a guy with whom I have been hanging out a lot but it's clear that there would be nothing between us happening. ... (202 replies)
... he has been insinuating that they do something about it, and really hitting on him. He told her he had a girlfriend, and she said she didnt care , that she had a boyfriend too. She kept on about it and he never outright said it would never happen, but would just change the subject when she would start up about it, or sign off. ... (9 replies)
... HE went back yesterday afternoon. It was a very nice weekend actually! It was hard at times but the strange thing was that HE was so caring, sweet and he behaved to me as if we are still together.. ... (202 replies)

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