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... boyfriend, the race issue, she's not dating right now, or no matter how nice and cute you are, you're just not her particular type, but as long as you don't act angry or hurt or pushy, then no harm done and now you know. I wouldn't let the race issue stop you. ... (3 replies)
... trust him. You are probably afraid to let go and give him your all, even now when things are good because deep down you are afraid that things are too good and at sometime he may go back to his old ways. Which, since he is an alcoholic could just happen. ... (28 replies)
... ay to you. I saw your thread this morning and rushed home from work to read it to see how you were going. The hard thing is, I feel your pain. And what Ruth said is right... never forget that you have us here. We are your friends and will stick by you no matter how long this takes. ... (63 replies)

... I need help to understand and deal with a breakup that happened to me 2 months ago. I'll try to give you a comprehensive, very compressed view of the whole story ... please bear with me! ... (10 replies)
... Hello! Don't take this the wrong way, because it may not apply to your situation, but just because someone gets angry and asks if you are seeing someone else does not mean that they are not seeing anyone. Attacking is often the best form of defence and i have seen it many times. ... (16 replies)
... ex. But you know what, there's nothing wrong with being decent to someone we once slept with and someone we once told "I love you." that's why I say it sounds to me like your wife has more of a problem with her own insecurity than the fact that you did anything wrong. ... (146 replies)
Wasting my time?
Sep 28, 2004
... of course your bf is happy! ... (26 replies)
I'm so upset
Sep 10, 2004
... without me knowing it, then confronted me angrily, I think I would respond much like your boyfriend did. ... (62 replies)
... Ask yourself what is it that will make it a done deal with your relationship? ... (14 replies)
... boyriend to call it quits or stop the phone calls...It is the responsiblity of the girlfriend. ... (22 replies)
Stupid question?
Apr 20, 2004
... I'm glad you patched things up with your girlfriend. I didn't reply because I was still stuck at your remark on you post that Your girlfriend should view you as a GOD...LOL, sorry I couldn't get pass this. ... (33 replies)
... Hi everyone, I am new to this board. I usually post on the depression and panic disorder boards but I believe the reason my depression and anxiety is so bad lately stems from the situation I am "stuck" in. ... (1 replies)
Over Protective?
Oct 28, 2003
... Everytime I think about things it annoys me. I like to take the bus or walk but he insists on driving me everywhere, he doesn't eat vegetables, he is lazy, unmotivated and unambitious. He is probably still in bed after 11am. ... (16 replies)
Ex coming back
Sep 30, 2003
... has feelings for him and tonight he slept with her. he came over here later saying he feels like the lowest of the low because he still loves me and thought about me the whole time. Right now he's back over telling her that. ... (2 replies)
... Help! Though I am not going to snoop, my biggest problem at this point is not asking questions repeatedly of my boyfriend. That has been a continual problem for me for a long time now, even before the snooping. ... (103 replies)
... It does sound strange that she would suggest it and then get upset when you caressed the dancer's thigh. That's what you expect men to do at strip clubs, so if you don't want to see your man do that to another woman, why TAKE him to a strip club? ... (15 replies)
... Hi I have a boyfriend I am 27 and he is 22 but we have a child together and love eachother. The one problem I am facing with him now is that in the beginning I was always angry and frusterated due to just having a baby job etc. I changed that now. ... (2 replies)
... distant. However, i did ask her on several occasions before the breakup if there was something wrong, to which she replied that everything was fine. She has told me since we broke up that there is a chance in the future, but i feel that because of all the arguing that this is becoming a slim chance.... ... (7 replies)
... This is simple. DUMP HIM!! First of all, he cheated on you already. That should have been your first clue that he's a total loser. ... (9 replies)
... If your boyfriend cheated on you and you have angry feelings toward him, I think you might be better off breaking contact and just letting yourself heal. ... (6 replies)

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